Keys to Training Youth - Part 2

by Peter Twist |  Date Released : 02 Jun 2006

  • Introduction
  • Structured guidelines for different phases
  • Age 6 -> high school and beyond
  • Risk of inactivity vs. risk of too much
  • From swimmers to snowboarders
  • New wave of outdoor individual lifestyle sports
  • Primary fitness characterstics – cardio, isolation, strength, flexibility
  • Secondary – agility, speed, quickness, balance, functional strength, movement skills
  • Training muscles and training the brain
  • Pre pubertal – pubertal – post-pubertal maturation
  • Day 1 – Age 12 – peak nervous system maturation
  • Improve strength 300 percent with no hypertrophy
  • Getting them moving – body weight exercise challenging brain and body
  • Obese children on machines – building confidence
  • Flexibility and hypermobility in youth
  • Strength training in full ROM – even hyper mobile range
  • Aerobic activity – youngsters short attention span
  • Find fun ways to do short bouts
  • Smaller hearts – smaller stroke volume – higher heart rates. Under 12 can sometimes reach 170bpm
  • Kids already have high oxygen extraction capability improvements in aerobic may be small
  • Pubertal phase strength training safety
  • Weight loaded activity helps bone development
  • Careful of high impact and high volume impact training
  • Muscles more responsible for holding joint together than ligaments
  • Agility, balance, body awareness must be re-learned
  • Barefoot training for proprioception
  • Bodyweight exercise becomes more of a challenge – dumbbell and tubing
  • Post pubertal – bringing it together. Hypertrophy possible
  • Higher volumes and heavier strength training
  • Freed up with focus and structure and attention span
  • Increase frequency and divide body into muscle groups
  • Play with tempos – slow and fast movements
  • Building the bridge between phases
  • Educate parents and coaches!

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Peter Twist

About the author: Peter Twist

Peter Twist is President and CEO of Twist Conditioning Inc, which offers sport conditioning home-based and live certifications, a line of 300+ sport fitness products and franchised sport conditioning facilities. From coaching in the NHL for 11 years and operating private athlete camps, Twist has coached over 700 pro athletes including hockey MVP Mark Messier, basketball MVP Hakeem Olajuwon and baseball MVP Justin Morneau. Twist has authored seven books, 16 DVDs and over 400 articles on athlete development and functional fitness, was awarded the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s President’s Award and CanFitPro’s Specialty Presenter of the Year for his sport conditioning system and education delivery. He serves on CanFitPro’s Advisory Board and is a Contributing Editor for IDEA.

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