Importance of Corrective Exercise

by Anthony Carey |  Date Released : 01 Aug 2009

  • Introduction
  • Motor control
  • Motor learning
  • The role of corrective exercise
  • Quality of movement should be foundational
  • Asymptomatic clients
  • Identifying postural distortion
  • 3 red flags related to movement
    • Pelvis hips
    • Thoracic spine
    • Ankle/foot
  • Asymmetrical distortions
  • Frontal plane deviations
  • Strategy for training asymmetrical vs. symmetrical distortions
  • Coretex
  • Neurological need to respond to movement
  • Reacting to our environment
  • Reflexive response

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Anthony Carey

About the author: Anthony Carey

Anthony Carey M.A., CSCS, MES is PFP Magazine’s 2009 Personal Trainer of the Year and owner of Function First in San Diego, California and an international presenter on biomechanics, corrective exercise, functional anatomy and motor control and their relationships to pain and function. Anthony has developed the Pain Free Movement Specialist certification and is the inventor of the Core-Tex®.

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