How to be a Solution-Focused Trainer

by Craig Harper |  Date Released : 24 Nov 2009

  • The quality of our life depends on the quality of the questions we ask ourselves
  • The questions we need to ask ourselves on a daily basis to establish and redefine a sense of clarity
  • Why would somebody want to train with me? What can I learn from this...?
  • There are no problems only situations, circumstances and events
  • Being a solution focused person
  • The keys of creating and promoting a point of differentiation
  • The only person you can change is yourself
  • Permission to influence
  • Confidence that we can deliver
  • What stops people from getting the exposure they’re looking for?
  • The journey of a personal trainer is an ongoing one
  • You’re not training a body, your training a person
  • Creating results in the gym is secondary
  • The preparedness to get uncomfortable
  • Doing the thing you need to Personal trainers are not solutions, they’re resources
  • How do we overcome barriers?
  • Taking the general principles of change and applying them to our situation

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Craig Harper

About the author: Craig Harper

Craig Harper (B.Ex.Sci) is one of Australia’s leading presenters, educators, motivators and commentators in the areas of health, fitness and personal development. Craig has been an integral part of the Australian fitness landscape since 1982. In that time he has worked as a personal trainer, corporate consultant, personal development speaker, university lecturer, AFL conditioning coach, radio host, TV commentator, writer and successful business owner. In 1988 Craig established Harper’s Personal Training, which over the last twenty one years has evolved into one of the largest businesses of its kind in the world, completing over 80,000 Personal Training sessions annually. Craig can be heard regularly on the ABC, GOLD FM, SEN and LIGHT FM radio stations in Melbourne. He can also be seen weekly as the host of Foxtel's Living Life Now and as the fitness expert for Network Ten's '9AM' morning show. As well as having authored four books, Craig is also the driving force behind Australia's most successful personal development website.

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