Flexibility Highways

by Chuck Wolf |  Date Released : 18 May 2005

  • Introduction 
  • History of flexibility – most overlooked component of fitness 
  • Flexibility as a 3-D living entity 
  • Single joint vs. single muscle vs. fascia (cubic yard of knitting) 
  • Global 3-D chain reaction impact of stretching 
  • 5 Flexibility Highways 
  • Posterior 
  • Anterior 
  • Lateral 
  • Anterior X-factor 
  • Posterior X-factor 
  • Strengthening elements of the Highway together 
  • Assessing flexibility needs
  • Personalizing a flexibility program 
  • When to do what? 
  • Research pointing to dangers of static stretching… where’s the truth? 
  • Active warm-up to emulate training to come 
  • Integrated movement patterns warm-up 
  • Static flexibility highway at end of sessions 
  • 85% of injuries due to LACK of flexibility somewhere in the body

This audio is part of the PTontheNET.com author symposium "The Truth About Stretching: When, Why and How - PART 2."

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Chuck Wolf

About the author: Chuck Wolf

Chuck Wolf has a Masters of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from George Williams College and specializes in Applied Biomechanics. He presently is the Director of Human Motion Associates in Orlando, Florida, consulting with clients ranging from the rehabilitation setting to professional athletes of the highest level including many of the top 50 PGA players in the world and numerous professional baseball players. He has emerged as a leader of functional anatomy and biomechanics within the fitness and sports performance industries and works extensively with internal medicine physicians, orthopedic specialists and physical therapists addressing musculoskeletal issues and developing corrective exercise programs. Chuck has presented at many national and international conferences, written dozens of articles and produced many educational videos in the areas of human motion, sports science and human performance.

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