Essential Skills for Success in the Fitness Industry - Part 3

by Bobby Cappuccio |  Date Released : 01 Mar 2007

  • Introduction
  • The art of closing vs. opening
  • Sales and service dept. the same for PTs
  • Smiling vs. teeth training
  • Walking in on the tail end of a joke
  • 7% of why people really come
  • Genuine connection – the further you go with someone
  • Confidence, enthusiasm and listening
  • Deciding who you want to be
  • Making others better when they leave you than when they arrived
  • Enthusiasm and reciprocity
  • Giving to receive
  • Listening
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to connect
  • Levels of listening
  • Ignoring, pretending, selective, attentive, empathetic
  • Seeing the world through the eyes of the other
  • The art of asking questions and single-minded focus on the other person and his or her needs
  • 7 steps to building rapport
  • What are you communicating physiologically?
  • Developing and growing interest in others
  • Giving genuine compliments
  • Listening
  • Making people feel important

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Bobby Cappuccio

About the author: Bobby Cappuccio

Bobby Cappuccio has held various positions in the fitness industry, including personal trainer, fitness manager, Membership Sales Consultant, Area Director and Corporate Director of Training and Development. Bobby's passion is to help people create a more empowering self-perception by exercising their ability to affect change in their life through health and fitness.

As an international speaker and Former Director of Professional Development for NASM, Bobby has developed and inspired thousands of trainers, managers and industry leaders to facilitate remarkable change in both their lives and their business.

Bobby has been invited to speak and/or consult on subjects including business development, sales and communication skills for many of the most prominent health club chains in the fitness industry.

He has been a contributing author for some of the fitness industry's most widely-read textbooks as well as multiple professional development-based videos. His articles frequently appear in popular fitness publications and he is a highly sought-after speaker at leading industry conferences.

Bobby is currently aligned with leading organizations in the health and fitness industry, including FitPro, PTontheNet and the PT Academy Global.

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