Egoscue Method: A Technical Introduction

by Brian Bradley |  Date Released : 17 Jan 2006

  • Introduction
  • Body has the ability to regenerate itself
  • Inside out – outside in
  • Assuming activities when body is out of alignment in the first place
  • We compensate based on past trauma and injury in the body
  • Correcting postural alignment through movement
  • Low back pain - #1 client
  • People arrive after exhausting all other medical and physio pathways
  • Discover dyfunction -> Reverse the process
  • Discover limitations
  • Client knows more about their body than we do – follow their instincts and what feels good
  • What makes you feel better/worse?
  • Static posture assessment
  • Close your eyes – get back in touch with their body
  • Position vs. condition
  • TVA trends
  • Posture first
  • Body is not that complicated
  • Asking the right questions – when do you want to feel better?
  • Don’t relate progress to symptoms -> movement improvement
  • What is different?
  • Balance + Movement -> symptoms improve
  • Look at your client without shoes
  • Feet straight ahead, neutral foot position
  • Knee caps in line with foot
  • On up through body – hips, shoulder, head, front, back side
  • Accepting dysfunction and creating exercises to support dysfunction
  • Getting clients to commit to home and gym program
  • Going from assessment into treatment
  • Improving posture through movement
  • Understanding dynamic tension
  • Exercise to support dysfunction vs. getting body back into function
  • Trainers, ask questions and watch!
  • If that muscle is tight, what is making it tight?
  • Hands off vs. hands on
  • Age old principles in modern context
  • Get as many people as possible into a pain free position
  • Link it with exercise

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Brian Bradley

About the author: Brian Bradley

Brian Bradley is the Vice President of Therapy Protocol for the Egoscue Method. Brian has over 19 years experience in the Fitness and Athletic Training industry. He speaks internationally on the topics of Posture, Pain and Performance and has treated clients such as Jack Welch, John Lynch, Jack Nicklaus and Anthony Robbins. Brian is the author of Egoscue Posture Solutions.

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