Egoscue - Part 2: The Art of Listening

by Pete Egoscue |  Date Released : 16 Feb 2006

  • Introduction
  • Treatment of a symptom vs. treatment of a cure
  • Symptom treatment – traditional approach
  • Patients don’t want a treatment of symptom, they want a cure
  • Cure comes ultimately from absence of fear
  • Art of Listening
  • Absolute belief in abilities vs. “I don’t have time to do this."
  • Confidence allows you to go quiet
  • Confidence compresses time needed to get results
  • I want to get into shape – out of shape is the symptom
  • What is the person REALLY saying? "I’m fearful and I don’t like myself much."
  • Address symptom – get them in shape but fear remains
  • Listen to what they’re afraid of, why they’re in pain and what to do about it
  • Atmosphere of connection and trust
  • Avoid motivation bell shaped curve
  • Ego driven perception of specific techniques
  • Allowing yourself to come into the moment vs. having an agenda about the “plan” and future
  • To get energy, you have to give up energy
  • The Passion Index
  • The pinnacle achievers in the world DON’T set goals… because they never could have imagined
  • I am an incredible optimist. Stay in the moment. One day at a time.
  • Stiff neck example
  • Bones do what muscles tell them to do
  • Going beyond the symptom with Chip’s neck
  • There’s nothing wrong with the neck – don’t be afraid of the symptom
  • Program needs to address the entire body
  • Drop symptom and elicit cure
  • Everybody knows exactly what they need

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Pete Egoscue

About the author: Pete Egoscue

Pete Egoscue has been an anatomical physiologist since 1978. He is the creator of the Egoscue Method for safe, effective and permanent relief from chronic pain without prescription painkillers or invasive surgery. His exercise therapy program is acclaimed worldwide, and he has been consulted by some of the biggest names in sports. He is now working out of his clinic in San Diego, California.

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