Eclectic Systems Approach: Knowing When to Use What

by Lenny Parracino |  Date Released : 18 May 2005

  • Introduction
  • “Kinetic” defined
  • Client specificity – the KEY
  • Understanding Definitions: What is Flexibility?
  • Scientific research vs. reality
  • Misperceptions – More is better
  • 4 Keys – Tension of tissue, Texture of Tissue, Movement, Function
  • Stretching progressions – static to Active to Dynamic
  • What is exercise? Movement done repetitively under load
  • Assessment - subjective questionnaire through to gait analysis
  • Looking for GROSS weaknesses
  • Designing an Eclectic Systems oriented approach
  • A time and a place for all techniques
  • When we stretch… we are looking for length

This audio is part of the author symposium "The Truth About Stretching: When, Why and How - PART 2."

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Lenny Parracino

About the author: Lenny Parracino

Lenny Parracino is a former author, hands on instructor and clinician for The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Currently, he serves as a faculty member of the Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science. He has spent over 20 years serving the health industry as an international lecturer, soft tissue therapist and movement therapist. Lenny has performed over 300 lectures/workshops, has written educational materials and consulted/lectured in the fitness, manual therapy and educational industry and for various medical organizations around the world. Lenny has earned his degree in Health Science, is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science, holds a California certification/license to practice soft tissue therapy. As a full time clinician, he integrates an eclectic approach of movement conditioning with Dr. Vince Guagliano and Dr. Carina Escudero at AIM Sports Medicine in Hermosa Beach, California.

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