Developing a Winning Mindset

by Charles Staley |  Date Released : 01 Aug 2008

  • Intro
  • Training philosophy
  • Making the switch from the mindset of an “exerciser” to the mindset of an “athlete”
  • Are obstacles to achieving your training goals external or internal?
  • Paradigms below the conscious level of thought
  • The myth of getting results yesterday
  • Negative connotations around the word “exercise”
  • Thermodynamics
  • The difference between “exercise” and “training”
  • Training has a purpose
  • Training is proactive
  • Training is inspirational
  • The most damaging mythology
  • No pain no gain?
  • Pain is not the goal... performance is
  • The negative emotional state of the exerciser
  • The media’s negative projection of our industry
  • How do you gauge a good workout?
  • Airing on the side of conservative
  • Focus on every achievement
  • Recognizing performance
  • What expectations should someone have of themselves in order to succeed
  • The auto telic mindset
  • Focus on the process
  • Moderate efforts sustained long term
  • Enjoying the process
  • Positive physiological association
  • The payoff is in the process
  • Prioritizing performance
  • It’s not how hard you work, it’s how much you produce
  • Delineating between the exerciser and the athletic mindset

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Charles Staley

About the author: Charles Staley

His colleagues call him an iconoclast, a visionary, a rule-breaker. His clients call him the "Secret Weapon" for his ability to see what other coaches miss. Charles Staley calls himself a geek who struggled in Phys Ed throughout school. Whatever you call him, Charles methods are ahead of their time and quickly produce serious results. His counter-intuitive approach and self-effacing demeanor have lead to appearances on NBCs The TODAY Show and The CBS Early Show.

Currently, Charles competes in Olympic-style weightlifting on the masters circuit, with a three-year goal of qualifying for the 2009 Masters World Championships.

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