Cardiovascular Training for Weight Loss

by Keli Roberts |  Date Released : 11 Aug 2010

  • Program design for long term weight loss
  • Intensity
  • The fat burning zone
  • More work per unit of time
  • Higher caloric expenditure
  • It's total calories that count!
  • EPOC
  • Where do we start
  • Problems that group exercise solves
  • Fitness professional hybrids
  • Cross referrals
  • Fun factor
  • Go with your skills
  • Work on your strengths

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Keli Roberts

About the author: Keli Roberts

Keli Roberts is the recipient of the 2003 IDEA International Fitness Instructor of the Year award, 2003 OBOW ECA award for Best Use of Equipment, 2005 for Best Female Presenter and 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award. Keli is also a Fitness Hall of Fame 2007 inductee. Keli is an ACE Continuing Education Provider who is known world wide for her award winning DVDs, books and training seminars, she specializes in group strength and stability training, indoor cycling, personal training and motivation. Keli is ACSM HFS certified, and is also certified through AFAA, ACE Group Fitness and ACE Gold Personal Trainer and is also a member of the Fitness Magazine Advisory Board, a BOSU Developmental Team Member and a Nautilus and Schwinn Master Presenter.

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