by Marjorie Geiser |  Date Released : 15 May 2009

  • What is meant by the term bootstrapping?
  • 99.9% of businesses start on a bootstrap budget
  • Any service based business can start on a shoestring
  • 13 bootstrapping strategies
    • Cash flow not profits
    • Just do it
    • Get your name out there
    • Create a website
    • Keep your day job
    • Do most of it on your own
    • Focus on function
    • Forecast
    • Start with what you know
    • Say yes!
    • Emphasize what makes you unique
  • What holds people back
  • Our inner conversations
  • Learning what works and doesn’t work
  • How does your fear serve you?
  • Non-negotiable strategies to your success
    • Emphasize why you’re unique
    • Always say yes
    • Making contact
  • Are entrepreneurs made or born?
  • Tolerance to risk
  • The entrepreneur vs. the "intrapreneur"
  • The mindset of being self employed
  • Treating your employer as if they were your top client
  • Bringing passion to what you do
  • The current economic climate
  • IHRSA: Out of 180 health clubs surveyed, two-thirds reported that from January 2008 to January 2009, they either maintained or increased revenue, retention, new memberships and attendance.
  • Trainers need to be creative
  • Semi private training
  • Presentations
  • Stress reduction
  • Capitalize on the situation
  • This is the perfect time to start working on your own business
  • 16 out of the 30 companies that make up the Dow Jones, started up during a recession
  • Bring your passion to help your company grow

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Marjorie Geiser

About the author: Marjorie Geiser

Marjorie Geiser is President of MEG Enterprises, Inc, which provides business coaching to health, wellness and fitness professionals who wish to develop focus and clarity so they can develop 6-figure success. As a certified personal trainer and registered dietitian, Margie began MEG Fitness in 1996, providing in-home personal training to previously unfit adults and sports nutrition counseling to amateur athletes. As she began her life coach training, she transitioned into business and in 2006, graduated with an MBA degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Margie is the former Chair of the Nutrition Entrepreneur Practice Group of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, former Secretary of the NSCA PT SIG, and has been a workgroup member for updating the LWMC program and exam for ACE for a number of years. In 2006, Margie published a book, Just Jump: The No-Fear Business Start-up Guide for Health and Fitness Professionals.

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