Balanced Perspective

by John Blievernicht |  Date Released : 01 Dec 2004

  • Introduction
  • Mr. Universe and the journey into balance training
  • Early days of functional training with athletes
  • Building the philosophy of BALANCE
  • Center of gravity relative to the base of support/core?
  • Discovering the balanced perspective on posture, speed, joint rehabilitation, etc…
  • Misunderstanding “stability”
  • Contracting the core vs. RELAXING into a centered place of movement
  • Finding the flow in movement through a sensory approach
    - What do you feel when you do that?
    - What does your foot tell you from this movement? 
  • Overriding the intuitive motor response vs. allowing intuition to feel our way there. 
  • Balance training misconceptions and unhealthy fads in the industry – education or entertainment?
  • Getting back to the basics of balance – starting with the balance beam (2-by-4)
  • Using balance training as a diagnostic tool – letting people feel the inefficiencies in their body. 
  • Balance vs. alignment - Keeping our balance in out-of-balance ways
  • Bringing trainers back to the basics of balance training 
  • Watching the arms as alignment indicators.
  • Balance is the foundation of movement – balance is speed, balance is strength.
  • Taking athletic balance principles into the senior population.
  • Looking forward into the Balanced Perspective audio series.
    - Balance and unstable apparatus 
    - Getting dynamic with balance

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John Blievernicht

About the author: John Blievernicht

John Blievernicht, MA, a certified kinesiotherapist, is president of the Institute for Sports Health and Fitness in Flagstaff, Arizona. He is one of the sports/fitness industry's leading presenters on functional training. His clients include world champion athletes in a variety of professional, amateur and Olympic sports. He is a consultant to Nike and Life Fitness.

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