Art of the Possible - Part 1

by Pete Egoscue |  Date Released : 16 Mar 2007

  • Introduction
  • The greatest challenge
  • The word “art” – what we do is an art form
  • Science discounts the anecdotal evidence and experience of patients if it doesn’t fit into the paradigm or established view of what is “possible”
  • Decreasing the knowledge pool
  • Health care striving to become an “exact science”
  • With the increase of the micro-knowledge has come the decrease of the wisdom of the possible
  • In order to help and communicate to someone, you must KNOW nothing and expect EVERYTHING
  • If you come in with your knowledge, your experience is narrowed by your own experience – which discounts the possible
  • To tap into the true wisdom, we have to learn how to listen and to “get out of the way”
  • If we can keep our ego and “knowledge” out of the equation, wisdom always appears
  • Reversing the modern fitness paradigm of tools belts and techniques
  • The difference between treatment and CURE
  • Belief: people come to us because we produce results with specific conditions and symptoms
  • The cure does not come from the trainer but from a shift in Self Awareness
  • People come to trainer because they think they are inadequate and need to be fixed
  • The truth: there are no flaws in the human body
  • What we really want is to FEEL BETTER (the real cure)
  • People don’t want the treatment, they want the cure
  • How do we apply the art of the possible?
  • Getting past the symptom
  • Moving from the “what” they want, to the “why” this all happened…
  • The power of the WHY
  • Body is performing exactly as it has been programmed. Not flawed but responding perfectly to what has been imposed upon it
  • We often block or blame our symptoms rather than trusting them and following them to the source
  • There are no negative emotions, there are just emotions
  • Fear is the underlying driving force in people who are experiencing pain
  • We don’t get past that by being the “expert”
  • IF we take on the expertise of the customer and take on the EGO's view that they have come to us for our expertise and our knowledge, we have weakened our customer and taken them further from the true cure
  • The customer gives the trainer the credit for their improvements – a dangerous place for the ego of the trainer
  • “My life is fulfilling because I’m helping people” – helps the symptom but not the art of the possible

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Pete Egoscue

About the author: Pete Egoscue

Pete Egoscue has been an anatomical physiologist since 1978. He is the creator of the Egoscue Method for safe, effective and permanent relief from chronic pain without prescription painkillers or invasive surgery. His exercise therapy program is acclaimed worldwide, and he has been consulted by some of the biggest names in sports. He is now working out of his clinic in San Diego, California.

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