Antioxidants and Free Radicals: Fighting Terrorism in the Body

by John Mamana |  Date Released : 15 Feb 2004

  • Welcome
  • Nutrition foundations reviewed
    • How do you eat 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day?
    • The Eskimos’ secret
    • Why blue water fish?
    • What’s considered a "complex" carbohydrate?
  • Why are they called “ANTIOXIDANTS?" What do they do?
  • What exactly is a FREE RADICAL? How do they work?
  • What are the misconceptions about antioxidants in society and the fitness industry?
  • Antioxidants as a fountain of youth – can you have too much?
  • What types of fruit and vegetables are the best?
  • How else can you get antioxidants in your diet?

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John Mamana

About the author: John Mamana

John Mamana, M.D., is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Georgetown University and the Chairman, CEO and Founder of American Health Sciences, Inc. Dr. Mamana is a graduate of Harvard University, Boston University School of Medicine and trained in internal medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Hospitals. After completing his residency, he served as a Full Surgeon in the US Public Health Services. He then founded and became CEO of a multi-specialty group practice, Virginia Medical Associates, which under his tenure became one of the largest group practices in the US. For 17 years, Dr. Mamana served as Chief of Staff and Chief of Internal Medicine at Fairfax Hospital, a 700-bed teaching hospital in Northern Virginia. He has been a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Georgetown University since 1987.

Dr. Mamana continues to practice medicine a few hours a week in order to stay engaged in patient care and uncover the perceived needs of the patient/consumer. His practice resides in Springfield, Virginia near the corporate headquarters of American Health Sciences. 

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