7 Keys to Come Back from a PT Sales Slump

by Sean Greeley |  Date Released : 07 Aug 2017

Previously published on August 9th, 2016.

1. Welcome adversity as an opportunity to learn and grow.

So many people hit a challenge and they look at that as a personal failure and business failure. However, it’s an opportunity to learn from whatever setback occurred, how it occurred, and how you can do better and grow through it. That’s what all successful people do: they look at failure as learning and embrace that opportunity.

2. Separate you from your business (driver vs. car)

Being an entrepreneur is very much like formula 1 racing. You have a driver and the driver’s health, well-being, and reaction time that operates the machine. Then you have the car, which has to be very finely tuned, and if something breaks you have to fix that. However, you are not your business and you have to focus on both - taking care of yourself you as the driver and taking care of your business (the car) and then be able to separate the two - some people take all failures personally and go into depression about it when it’s really just recognizing that you’ve got to separate the two and you’ve got to work on the two to continue to grow.

3. Take time to review what has worked, what hasn’t, and what lessons have you learned? Growth is all about learning.

Consider how an experience can help you the next time around when you face a similar challenge and what can you do differently to continue to grow through that. This is very important, most people don’t take time to stop and do that and it’s worth the whole price of admission right there. Take time to review what worked, what didn’t and what you learned.

4. Define where you want to go and what success looks like

So many people are unclear about what their goal looks like and what success looks like once you hit it and what that means for your business. Take time to do that for yourself personally and your business so you can be leading on the right track. Visualize what it looks like for you to reach the top of the mountain because you know what it looks like for you and that answer is different for every business owner and every entre.

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Sean Greeley

About the author: Sean Greeley

Sean Greeley, CEO and Founder of NPE, has an unrelenting passion for empowering fitness business owners to grow their business and create the life they want. Since 2006, NPE has served 45,000+ fitness business owners in 96+ countries and is an award-winning company with offices in Los Angeles, London, and Sydney.

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Comments (2)

Navarro, Daiam | 13 Mar 2018, 16:22 PM

Great tips, at times it can be difficult to see the big picture and therefore identify the issue.

Baker, Dawn | 16 Oct 2016, 23:37 PM

Thank you for great advice. It is hard not to internalize or see things as a failure within when there are many other factors. I did reach that area in depression by allowing so much to get to me in feeling defeated in a slump as well as forgetting to take care of me "the driver". I loved this and will apply it.

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