7 Critical Mistakes Top Fitness Pros Never Make

by Rick Wenner |  Date Released : 10 Jul 2017

You can learn from your mistakes. Or, if you’re smart, you can learn from someone else’s.

Because no matter where they are in their career, all trainers make some pretty common mistakes.

But if you know what they are and when to look out for them, you can avoid making them and improve the overall level of your business.

In FitBiz Toolbox’s latest video, you’ll learn the 7 Mistakes That Top Fitness Pros Never Make.

In this video, you’ll discover...

  • A top mistake in the sales process
  • The #1 Social Media faux pas
  • How NOT to treat your precious time
  • Common productivity time sucks
  • Plus more!

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Rick Wenner

About the author: Rick Wenner

FitBiz Toolbox Co-Founder, Rick Wenner has been, first and foremost, an educator for the last 20 years in the Fitness Industry. Beyond that, he has been a personal trainer, fitness manager, Director of Operations, Director of multiple fitness technology brands, and successful entrepreneur. Rick has applied much of the information he gathered while obtaining his MBA and put it in FitBiz Toolbox to give you all the tools you need to create and expand a successful fitness career and business.

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