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PTontheNET is optimized for Internet Explorer 9.0 and later (including Microsoft Edge), Firefox 3.0 and later, Safari 4.0 and later, Google Chrome and is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

We do not support pre-Intel Macs, Windows versions earlier than Windows 2000 (including Windows NT), or Linux. While the site may work under these unsupported platforms, we cannot provide technical support for them.

You will need any of the above browsers installed to:

  • Access the members section of PTontheNet
  • View and print articles
  • Create, save, print and email programs in Create a Program
  • Access and submit the continuing education exams
  • Access and watch videos

To install or update your browser for free click on one of the links below.

Internet Browsers:

Network supported computers might require an administrator login or approval to install or upgrade software. Please contact your club's tech support department for assistance.

Technical Support

We commonly find that technical problems are caused by browser and/or computer settings that have been altered, or internet security software that has not been configured to trust our site.


Please set any internet security software to trust the domain and all addresses. Restoring the default browser settings and clearing cached content that your computer has stored on its hard disk usually solves most problems access issues.

To clear browsing history or clear cached content please follow the appropriate prompt below. For network supported computers we recommend you contact your technical support department prior to adjusting computer security settings:

Once you've cleared browsing history, return to the area of the site in which you were experiencing difficulty. If you are still having problems after performing all the steps above, click here.