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Boost your knowledge of exercise nutrition and supplements with this FREE COURSE

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The research is compelling

Most Americans are deficient in 1 or more essential nutrients.

Without the vital nutrients our bodies need, clients will have a hard time getting healthy and fit. And this could hinder your ability to get your clients results and build a thriving client base.

The problem is supplements in the mass market are often risky. FDA recalls. Illnesses due to contaminants. Deaths due to illegal drugs. It can be scary and confusing trying to filter through all the information out there.

Want to learn how to help your clients make smart decisions about supplements that are safe and can help them reach their health and fitness goals?

Through our 40+ years of experience in the fitness industry, we've trained thousands of fitness professionals on how to do just that. And you can too.

Sign up for this FREE 5-Day Exercise Nutrition & Supplement Course and we'll teach you:

  • Why supplements are risky and what you can do about it
  • The common nutrient deficiencies your clients face
  • The scoop on protein and how much you really need
  • Which supplements work and which ones don't for building muscle
  • Whether “fatburners” really burn fat

Plus, we'll share several free resources including a screening tool, research updates, supplement FAQs and more.

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