Hockey Institute - Hockey Skating Coach Certification - Level 1


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This hockey skating coaching certification program will give you the most cutting edge and important information about the biomechanics of skating. It will provide you with a complete understanding of the forward stride so you can analyze players strides, then coach players of all ages and abilities how to improve their stride. You will know that all fast hockey players have the following skating characteristics: wide stride, low-quick recovery, their skate lands under the shoulder, they get on the inside edge quickly, and they move their arms side-to-side. You will also recognize the misconceptions taught by many “power skating” coaches. When you’ve completed the certification, you will be able to conduct high performance skating clinics for the enhancement of the forward stride. With Dr Bracko’s Skating DVD, you will have access to over 100 drills for all 27 game-performance skating characteristics.

Course Content

There are seven chapters of a webinar PowerPoint covering the following information: 

  1. What is Skating?
  2. Biomechanics of Stride Width, - biomechanics-powers-ice-hockey-performance.pdf
  3. Biomechanics of a Quick Recovery,
  4. Biomechanics of Arm Movement, - arm-movement-in-hockey-skating-marion-alexander-2010.pdf
  5. Myths & Misconceptions of “Power Skating,”
  6. Game Performance Skating Characteristics,
  7. Skating Analysis Techniques. 
  8. Adult and Youth Hockey Clinic

**You will receive Dr Mike Bracko’s Game Performance Skating DVD with over 100 skating drills.  You will have access to 2 videos of Dr Mike doing an instructional skating clinic with Level 1 skating coaches and a skating clinic with Pee Wee players.


Exam Details

The passing score of this course is 75%.

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