Medical Fitness and Active Aging Continuing Education

Accelerate your career with the world's most comprehensive fitness education

The courses were created in collaboration with the MedFit Education Foundation (MFEF). MFEF works to facilitate education for fitness & allied healthcare professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest information on prevention, rehabilitation and preserving the quality of life for those with chronic diseases or medical conditions. Learn more about MFEF on their website, A portion of the proceeds for each course sold is donated to the MFEF.

Offered by the world's top fitness educators, these virtual 'workshops' allow you to interact with progressive thought, theory and practice through an online or in home interface. Each of these courses includes a 1 year membership* on the MedFit Network (MFN) -- a $169 value! MFN membership includes free continuing education opportunities, exclusive discounts, and a listing on their national directory of fitness and allied healthcare professionals. *(Available to new MFN members only).

Authored by Dr. Sheri Colberg
Ph.D., Exercise Physiology
Founder & CEO, Diabetes Motion Academy
  • Working with Clients with Diabetes or Prediabetes.
    Armed with more knowledge about how to be active safely and effectively, you as their personal trainer can be a strong positive influence in getting diabetic or prediabetic individuals on the path to better health.
Authored by Eric Lemkin
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Owner, Functionally Active Fitness
Authored by Dr. Evan Osar
DC, Chiropractic
Owner, Fitness Education Seminars
Authored by CarolAnn
M.S., Exercise Science/Health Promotion
Founder, Chiseled Faith
Authored by Dr. Mark Kelly
Ph.D., Exercise Physiology
CEO of Principle Centered Health
Adjunct Faculty, University of California, Irvine
Authored by Andrea Leonard
Founder, The Cancer Exercise Training institute
Education Advisory Board Chair, MedFit Education Foundation
Authored by Tracy Lynn Markley
Founder, Tracy's Personal Training, Pilates & Yoga
Authored by Dr. Dan Ritchie
Ph.D., Health and Kinesiology
President, Functional Aging Institute
Authored by Dr. Christian Thompson
Ph.D., Exercise Physiology
Associate Professor, Department Kinesiology, University of San Francisco
Authored by Sheila Watkins
MLSCI, Human Physiology and Nutrition
Founder, Healthy Moms® Fitness Program