Professional Conduct when a PT session is taking place

Kim Bradley | Professional/Self Development | 14 Oct 2019

I am a PT with over 20years experience working at a club where there is a gym instructor/newly qualified PT...who I think is essentially a really nice person, however he is extremely socially awkward and perhaps on the spectrum. He occassionally asks questions about my clients that I really can't discuss with him because of client confidentiality. The other day, whilst I was doing a training session with my client, the instructor approached my client and asked if I was "looking after" her. This my client smiled and replied that I was making her work hard. I asked this instructor if he was okay, to which he then turned to me and asked if I was looking after my client. To which I smiled at him and asked him, "what do you think?" Now I believe in being kind to people, but it made me quite cross that not only was this instructor interrupting my session but also what he said. I don't think for one minute he meant to be annoying or questionning my ability as a PT. I could be wrong but I think it was more that he was looking for somewone to talk to as he was bored. In all my years as a PT I have never interrupted a training session that is taking place and would never say what this instructor did. I feel like I am sweating the small stuff but can anyone tell me what you think or would have done. I have contemplated having a friendly word with the instructor just to enlighten him on training etiquette but surely in his training this is something he should already know??? I l

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Direct Inguinal Hernia

Steven Myers | Corrective Exercise/Rehab | 29 May 2019

I am looking for rehabilitation advice. I have a direct inguinal hernia (right side). I also have a lateral pelvic tilt (right hip higher) and I think an L5 disk herniation. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Keeping sessions fresh

Aaron Colhoun | Programs & Assessments | 21 May 2019

Hi everyone, anybody like to share how they keep their sessions and programs fresh. I have a client who has signed up with me for 6 months and I’m worried she will get board. Not just long term programs but programs in general. Thanks

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Power and Speed Programming for Roller Hockey

Stacey Hindmarsh | Sports-Specific | 21 Jul 2018

Hi, I've come on here hoping to find help on programming for Power and Speed for Roller Hockey. I am a qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor with very little knowledge in this area as I've never had to devise a programme for this goal. I have not got a clue where to start if I'm honest, so fire away any ideas on what I should incorporate when setting up my clients programme. Thank You Stacey

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Pigeon Toes

Manya Koretoff | Corrective Exercise/Rehab | 20 Jul 2018

Hi! I have a new Sr client with pronounced “pigeon toes”. Can I offer her hope that this can be helped at her age (72) and any corrective exercises you can offer besides foam rolling lateral gastrox, calves, hams and strengthening adductors....?

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