Direct Inguinal Hernia

Steven Myers | Corrective Exercise/Rehab | 29 May 2019

I am looking for rehabilitation advice. I have a direct inguinal hernia (right side). I also have a lateral pelvic tilt (right hip higher) and I think an L5 disk herniation. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Keeping sessions fresh

Aaron Colhoun | Programs & Assessments | 21 May 2019

Hi everyone, anybody like to share how they keep their sessions and programs fresh. I have a client who has signed up with me for 6 months and I’m worried she will get board. Not just long term programs but programs in general. Thanks

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Power and Speed Programming for Roller Hockey

Stacey Hindmarsh | Sports-Specific | 21 Jul 2018

Hi, I've come on here hoping to find help on programming for Power and Speed for Roller Hockey. I am a qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor with very little knowledge in this area as I've never had to devise a programme for this goal. I have not got a clue where to start if I'm honest, so fire away any ideas on what I should incorporate when setting up my clients programme. Thank You Stacey

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Pigeon Toes

Manya Koretoff | Corrective Exercise/Rehab | 20 Jul 2018

Hi! I have a new Sr client with pronounced “pigeon toes”. Can I offer her hope that this can be helped at her age (72) and any corrective exercises you can offer besides foam rolling lateral gastrox, calves, hams and strengthening adductors....?

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Explain the brain in Nervous system

Pawan Sharma | Professional/Self Development | 18 Jan 2018

Making a video of lecture , tries to cover topic instead of this kindly illustrate on board with image . Because hearing is not sufficient and human mind can't remember this for long..... So if you improve your pattern and try to cover your lecture with images on board would be more helpful for student......and can remember for long period as well it become easy to get understand and interesting... Thanks Pawan Sharma New Delhi

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