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Chemotherapy and Exercise


I have a client who had breast cancer surgery a year ago. She has undergone both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She finished the radiation therapy a month ago and has been cleared to work out. What type of work out would be best for her?


Before beginning an exercise program with your client, consult with her physician to ensure there aren’t any “red flags” regarding her condition. Always use your client’s tolerance level as a guide to determine her capabilities.

It is imperative to train the basic systems that allow us to function. The basic systems of function that react together within the body are the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems, as supported by the cardiovascular system (i.e., running on a treadmill with over pronation syndrome will defeat the purpose of a fitness program). Solution: Utilize the following tips and the functional exercise articles on to create the framework of your client’s functional exercise program.

The better shape that your client is in, the healthier her body will become.