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My mother is 50 years old and pretty active, but she is noticing that she is starting to bruise a lot easier. She takes a multivitamin and mineral formula. Is there an additional supplement like vitamin C that might help her?


Some people are predisposed to bruise more easily than others, such as those who do not eat enough fresh, uncooked foods to supply the body with needed nutrients. Anemia, overweight, vitamin C deficiency, malnutrition, heavy smoking, leukemia, menstruation and the use of anti-clotting drugs are other factors that may increase a person’s tendency to bruise. Bruising easily without a known cause may be an early sign of cancer.

If your mother is bruising frequently, she should consult her physician. For now, have her stay away from products that contain aspirin, ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory medication. Increasing her intake of vitamin C, bioflavanoids, vitamin K and alfalfa will be helpful.

It is recommended for your mother to see a registered dietician or a nutritionist in order to receive an individualized nutrition plan that best suits her needs.