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Knee Pathology


I have a client who has pigmented villonodular sinovitis in her left knee. She just had her second surgery to remove the tumors. Consequently, she has very little knee flexion in her left knee, lots of scar tissue, and significant muscle atrophy. In addition, after her first surgery the physical therapist was trying to stretch her left hamstrings and she suffered a grade 2 tear. Moreover, she tends to depend on her right leg too much. What can I do to help her knee? Are there any supplements and/or specific foods to help with nerve regeneration?


It is difficult to give a specific answer without a thorough functional assessment! We strongly recommend interacting with the medical community on any post surgical condition. Post-medical information along with a comprehensive functional assessment will give you the necessary tools to begin designing an individualized program. Please remember, there is no such thing as a black and white protocol for pathologies; if someone tells you different,t they are oversimplifying this amazing, highly sophisticated, integrated machine! What PT on the Net can provide you with is a guideline to help your client. Utilize and modify the information based on your client’s needs and abilities.


The most important approach for your client is a low load, whole body exercise plan. When applied properly, the program will appropriately load the deconditioned tissues, stimulate repair, remodel, recondition and enhance proprioception while improving basic life functions. Listed are ideas to help in your program design: Good Luck!

Supported exercise examples that have functional relevance include:


Based on the information you submitted, your client will benefit from a functionally balanced program. Even if there were a protocol for every client’s problem, it would only target the problem at that point and time. The goal with all dysfunctions is to holistically approach the body; in other words, work with other specialists to get your client to function as best as she possibly can! Good Luck!