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Body Fat Loss and Muscle Loss


I have a client with a goal of body fat loss that is losing quite a bit of muscle mass. I checked the obvious, making sure she was taking in enough calories and protein. Can you recommend supplement combinations that would be most likely to help her out? What are some other reasons for a large amount of muscle loss?


Unless your client has a disorder that results in muscle loss, her decrease in muscle mass is either due to an insufficient amount of calories being ingested, over training and/or a lack of nutrients without calories (supplementation).

The breaking down of body proteins (in this case, muscle) is a result of the body’s attempt to find nutrients and/or fuel. This means that the body is not receiving enough energy (calories) or nutrients externally; therefore, the body finds it internally.

First, I would recommend your client supplement her diet with a multi-vitamin and mineral. This will provide necessary nutrients that she is probably not receiving from her diet. There are hypertrophic compounds that may also be used to increase muscle mass, which include:

I hope this helps. Good luck!