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What types of exercises do you recommend for sciatica? One of my members is suffering from it, and I’ve recommended stretching, swimming and abdominal workouts. His whole back is a bit messed up, and he’s being treated by a chiropractor and gets a massage once a week as well.


First, we highly recommend consulting with your client’s chiropractor! Ask the chiropractor questions about the possible cause of your client’s condition (the effect is sciatica). There’s no such thing as sciatica exercises - if someone tells you different, they are oversimplifying this amazing, highly sophisticated, integrated body! However, we can supply you with a guideline. Use this information to communicate with the chiropractor and massage therapist while designing the exercise program.

Sciatica is pain in the buttocks and the back of the legs due to irritation of the sciatic nerve or nerve roots. Sciatic pain (sometimes called a “pinched nerve”) occurs when a herniated disc compresses the nerves of the lumbar spine. Because these nerves supply the sensation and strength to the lower extremity, a disc problem in the low back can cause symptoms in the legs such as weakness or numbness. Sciatica can also transpire from an irritated nerve that is not under compression.

Unfortunately, back and neck pain is interwoven into our lives. They are common yet unpleasant experiences that, if mismanaged, can become chronically disabling.

Chiropractic adjustment may be the most effective treatment for quick pain relief. Most experts will agree that manipulation is just a part of the rehabilitation process. Manipulations, in combination with exercises and home education, have proven to be far superior to traditional prescriptions of prolonged bed rest and medication.

Below you will find a list of points specific to your question. Use the points as an adjunct to your current program design.

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