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Leading Yourself So You Can Lead Others (and Create the Life You Want)

Learning objectives:

  1. Recognize that if you’re stuck, you’re not leading yourself (or others) effectively.
  2. Identify the limiting belief that’s holding you back–and challenge it.
  3. Commit to the growth that will make you stronger than ever.

What is the greatest challenge in your business and your life right now?

Is it about struggling to figure out how to get enough people to try your products or services?

Or inspiring the right prospective clients to commit to their health and fitness goals and your programs?

Or maybe you’ve overcome those obstacles, and now have a successful business.

But now you have more risk–you have “skin in the game” and must cover rent for your studio or payroll... or you’ve hit a wall where your business has stopped growing because you’ve maxed out your time.

Whatever it is, the stakes are high: Most fitness businesses fail within 18 months. That’s because their owners get stuck somewhere along the line and they fail to meet the challenge.

How can you move beyond whatever is your greatest personal and business challenge right now? How can you find the breakthroughs?

We believe that all problems are leadership problems. And whatever is going on in your business and life, your path to breakthrough (and your greatest responsibility) is leadership.

Here are three keys that will help you get to the next level:

1. Recognize that if you’re stuck, you’re not leading yourself (or others) effectively

Whatever challenges you’re facing, they are not unique. Many others have faced the same challenges before and have overcome them.

But if you’re not making progress overcoming your challenges, then you must recognized that’s because you are not able to lead yourself (or lead others) effectively to overcome their challenges.

And that’s ok. No one is born with all the answers. Leadership is a journey, and working through times of struggle allows us to grow. You’ve got to stretch in new ways (which can be painful at times) to build new strengths.

Where do you start? You start by leading yourself. That means committing your time, energy, and resources to the personal development needed to improve your skills and take the necessary actions to overcome your challenges.

As entrepreneur and author Jim Rohn said: “Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development.”

2. Identify the limiting belief that’s holding you back–and challenge it

This will likely strike you as odd, and be difficult to accept... but if you’ve been stuck at something for a while–a problem that you’re made little to no progress on (or find yourself taking two steps forward and two steps back), chances are high that you are holding onto some limiting belief that’s holding you back … and preventing you from overcoming your challenge.

Our beliefs (ultimately) create our reality.

Think of a prospective fitness client who comes to you and says “I don’t have the time to do a fitness program and get healthy.”

They believe that statement to be true... and it creates their reality. But what is the real truth?

It’s that regardless of our responsibilities or various roles in life, every human being has the same amount of time.

But people that live their life healthy and fit prioritize their health and our fitness and block time in their busy schedules to get in a work out, eat healthy foods, and get good sleep at night. And as a result, they get even more time back because they then have more energy, capacity, and drive in all other areas of their life.

Spend time with people who are ahead of where you are in business growth... Tell them your reasons why you’re stuck and why you can’t succeed... and they’ll say, “Oh yes, I remember that, and here’s what I did and here’s how my world changed.”

Successfully leading ourselves always comes down to going within ourselves, renegotiating our commitments, and changing our beliefs. When we do that… we then change our actions and our world changes.

3. Commit to the growth that will make you stronger than ever

Too many people believe the myth that leaders are somehow touched by the gods with charisma and as a result, other people follow them.

But the truth is leaders are not born. Leaders are made. Leaders are people who have faced challenges and overcome them.

They have “earned their stripes” through experience (and facing failures along the way).

So don’t run from the challenges in front of you. Instead be grateful and embrace them!

The more challenges you face the more you will have to grow to overcome them. And working through that struggle is what develops your leadership abilities and experience.


Most fitness businesses fail because owners do not lead themselves or others effectively to overcome obstacles. Everyone gets stuck somewhere, and all too often the root cause is a limiting belief that must be challenged. Breakthroughs come from realigning our beliefs and actions in a direction that will create positive change. Commit to that journey and you will become a stronger leader making a more powerful impact in the world.

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