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How and Why to Host Educational CEC Events

Here at Northwest Personal Training & Fitness Education, we boast that we have the “Best Personal Trainers in The World.” There are many factors that go into being the “best,” but one of the most important is continually and consistently furthering our education. It is easy to say that you and your business support education, but it isn’t always as easy to ensure your staff remains at the top of their game.

You guessed it. I have the answer! Host your own educational CEC events.

We will start with WHY we host educational events:

Do some research and find out if anyone is hosting educational Fit Pro CEC courses in your area. Try to schedule yours at a different time than the other courses and either pick a certification course that is new to your area or try hosting a mini conference.

So HOW do we host educational CEC events?

We host educational CEC events 2 different ways. First, we organize and host 2 one day mini conferences each year (as I mentioned earlier). We call these mini conferences our Fitness & Training Forums. Secondly, we host certifications created by other organizations. For example, we host Schwinn Indoor Cycling certifications 3 to 4 times per year.

Organizing and hosting your own mini conference can seem a little overwhelming, but once you have a system down and have a couple mini conferences under your belt, it will be well worth it. Fit Pros love to go to an event that is live, local and with multiple session options where they can get a ton of CECs all in one day. Here are some things that make our Fitness & Training Forums a success:

Hosting a pre-existing certification is another great option. Hosting something like a yoga or indoor cycling certification is a much simpler way to get involved in hosting fitness education events. It can be as simple as contacting the organization you are interested in to see what their requirements are for you to host.

As you plan your calendar for 2019, consider hosting educational CEC events. The benefits can be HUGE to your business, your staff, your bottom line and your community. Do the things that make YOU and YOUR staff the BEST!