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Declare Freedom with Your Fitness

Do you remember what it was like to play as a child? You’d lace up your shoes and dress appropriately for the weather before venturing outside to meet your friends on the lawn. Or, they’d come over and you’d build storylines for your dolls and action-figures as you move them around the floor for hours on end.

That childish innocence, unfortunately, evaporates into the air as we grow into working adults with purpose and responsibility. That stress even extends into our fitness routines – a curse that must be lifted if we are to truly enjoy exercise and movement for what it is: freedom.

In today’s short blog, we’ll explore a few reasons why we should break the rules and boundaries in fitness and become free again. We’ll discuss why it is a foundational principle here at CoreStrength1. And we’ll even give you a few ideas on how to play.

Why Freedom?

“Give me freedom or give me death” – a quote that holds a lot of weight in the annals of American history. While it was delivered to reject the tyrannical rule of a Patriarchy an ocean away, it holds virtue in fitness. Let’s ask this:

Why do we feel that only children can play?

Why do all our adult activities need to be structured and pre-meditated?

The answer is that we’ve let society and all its frustratingly nonsensical rules tell us what appropriate behavior for people over the age of 16 is.  The rope only tightens as we further age. It seems with each passing year of our lives we must let go of a little more of that childish ambition that lies within us. It’s why we all aspire to see that millionaire lifestyle that involves beaches, and pool parties, and absolutely no sight of cubicles.

This mindset has infiltrated fitness too. You must identify as “something” for people to take your workouts seriously. Desperate for identity, everyone races to be known as a yogi, a CrossFitter, a powerlifter, a bodybuilder, an athlete, a runner, a dancer, and yes, even a no-gym-for-me-pleaser.

And in our desire to pick a lane and stay in it, we lose all sense of ambition and playfulness.

At CoreStrength1, we are calling hogwash. It’s time to take back your freedom and enjoy your workouts again.

What We Believe

When we designed the CS1 unit, we had a few goals in mind. Obviously, we wanted to make a durable unit that could host up to eight people at once while providing a valid option for fitness training. We needed to deliver results, period.

But we also wanted to give people a playground. Just as children can turn a box into a fort and a tree and the monkey bars into hours of fun, we wanted the CS1 fitness system to be so simple that you can’t help but want to play around.

When we get new trainers on the unit, we’ll always show them the primary exercises we love on the system, but we’ll also give them the space and freedom to play. We love watching them too. It is fun to see the inner-child come out in someone when they get their hands on the equipment. They help us expand our playbook of possibilities and we provide them a platform for which to eschew traditional thinking, and instead, embrace possibility.

We bring that in our education programs, our lectures, and in all the other products we are looking to bring into play. Just because we are adults, doesn’t mean we can’t play.

How to Play

So, we want to leave you with some inspiration on how to play in your own workouts, with or without the CoreStrength1. Our job here is to inspire no matter what.

1. Complexes

Who says that you only must do one movement at a time? Combine some of your favorite exercises into a single pattern that takes twenty or thirty seconds to just complete one repetition. Take up space, get sweaty, and have fun as you mix things like deadlifts, curls, presses, chops, lunges, and jumps.

Just remember, as a mass (or load) increases, the less you’ll be able to do with it. So, choose your loads wisely.

2. 3D Movement

Like our last point, 3D movement encourages you to play at angles you wouldn’t normally consider. Lean those hips to the side while pushing them back (like a windmill), incorporate your favorite yoga poses, and think about trying to “roll” around a bit.

You deserve to experience all that your body has to offer, and your body deserves to feel the freedom of movement that you once had as a child.

3. Explosive and Tempo variations

Play with your pacing. Do some jumps very explosively while pairing it with super slow lunges. Think about mixing power rows with slow face pulls that exhaust muscle tissue. There are no rules out there that say you must perform ten repetitions of the same exercise at the same speed to get results.

Play fast, play slow, play in the middle.

4. Include other toys

We love hooking up other equipment to the CS1 in our lab. We aren’t trying to do this alone. We genuinely want to integrate with all the other equipment that is already so special in the industry. Kettlebells, suspension trainers, ropes, bands, harnesses, and just about anything else you can think of can slap on or near the unit to make the party more enjoyable.

During your next workout, just start grabbing random things and see what you can do with it. You’ll play more than you have in years and get a great workout too.

Play on

All in all, we should be free of tradition in the gym. We should explore our body, our movement, and our potential. We’ll see you next month