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The successful completion of this course will equip you with the necessary musculoskeletal assessment, functional anatomy and corrective exercise program design skills to provide effective pain relief services to clients who experience foot and ankle pain. However, in order to capitalize on these fresh talents, attract prospective corrective exercise clients, build your professional reputation and profit from your newfound expertise, you must practice your skills regularly. You must also ensure that those people in need of your new service offerings are aware of them. Inform current clients of your ability to help them with foot and ankle pain issues by integrating foot and ankle assessments and corrective exercise techniques into their current programming. Even if a current client does not report any foot and ankle concerns, utilize the hands-on assessments during their regular personal training sessions as a means of educating them about the interrelatedness of the body and how their foot and ankle function may be affecting their experiences of aches and pains and/or performance elsewhere in their body. This integration of corrective exercise techniques into current client programming will help elevate your reputation with these clients. It will also increase word-of-mouth referrals as they share their new experiences with friends, family members and peers.

You should also take advantage of your new skills by updating your marketing materials to let both current and prospective clients know about your enhanced corrective exercise service offerings. Moreover, as you become more confident and proficient in applying your foot and ankle assessment and corrective exercise skills, continue to develop your talents by investing in education that will help carve out your niche as a specialist in the field of corrective exercise. Continuing to enhance your knowledge, reputation and talents in the field corrective exercise will help you meet the evolving needs of current and prospective clients, guarantee a steady stream of referrals and ensure you a long-standing, successful and profitable career in the personal training business.