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Prepare to Sell: The Personal Trainer's Checklist

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the importance of being prepared for a first session with a prospective client.
  2. Become comfortable with the steps it takes to prepare a prospective client to invest in your services.
  3. Learn why you should never have to ask a prospective client “so, do you want to work with me?”

This is the time of year when we are all working hard to help clients and potential new clients make a commitment to their health and fitness and invest in our services. Do you have a way to ensure 80% of the potential new clients walking through your door will stay your clients? Taking a systemized approach toward selling can get you there! We have a tried and true method to running the first session with a prospective new client that works for all personality types and all trainers! It is true.

Having a systemized approach to selling is extremely important. If you and your team know exactly what needs to be done there will be less anxiety and more confidence when working with a potential new client. Remember, what you do with a prospective client during the first session can really make or break that session!

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare! Have each prospective new client fill out a client questionnaire –

Do Preliminary Planning – fill out some paperwork to show the client that you have been planning on their visit and are customizing their experience.

Have EVERYTHING ready that you will need for the first session with a prospective client!

Now that you have everything prepared for your first session with a prospective new client we need to go through what you should actually be doing during that session to ensure the client sees the need to invest in your services.

Here is your checklist:

  1. Give a friendly welcome by introducing your potential new client to staff and clients.
  2. Give your potential new client documentation that explains who you are as a business. Make sure to highlight your strengths and what makes you stand out from other facilities/trainers.
  3. Go through a proposed weekly workout structure. Talk to your potential new client about the exercise they should be doing each day of the week. Try to be a specific as possible so the client can really see the plan toward their health and fitness really come to life. Especially since it is customized to them!
  4. Conduct an initial fitness assessment – conducting the initial fitness assessment is important to understand who this potential new client really is. How they move, what imbalances they may have, what weaknesses and strengths they have and where they might have tight muscles.
  5. EXPLAIN WHAT YOU SAW DURING THE ASSESSEMENT! You have taken a lot of time assessing your client’s body and what they really want and NEED to hear is what you saw with regards to their body and HOW you will customize their workout specifically for them!
  6. Do about 10 minutes of activity. This helps your potential new client experience what personal training will feel like.
  7. Finally, reserve the last 10 minutes of this first session to explain the options they have to work with you! Now is the time to really hone in on this specific client and their needs and make a suggestion on what you think will work best for them. For example: Working with a trainer X times per week and attending X amount of group classes per week.

If you have followed these simple rules you should never have to ask the potential new client “do you want to work with me?” They will see why they need to work with you and then it will just be a matter of figuring out what works for the client as far as packages etc. that you offer.

I know from experience that this systemized approach works! Our trainers use this same checklist and are able to enroll 80% of prospective new clients after the first session. Implement this checklist today and start 2015 off on the right foot!