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I would like to hear your opinion on Callanetics, whether it's considered a useful exercise and how it compares to Pilates.


Callanetics is a non-impact exercise program that uses small, precise movements to help reshape and tone all major muscle groups while increasing strength, flexibility and body alignment. The original Callanetics exercise method is a mixture of yoga and ballet. Many of the floor exercises are very similar to the Pilates mat exercises. Callanetics focuses on good posture and alignment in some of the same ways taught in a Pilates mat routine. The newest form of Callanetics is CardioCallanetics, a low impact routine focusing on proper alignment and body mechanics. This is all similar to Pilates exercise because that is the main focus with the Pilates method too. The biggest difference between Callanetics and Pilates is that Pilates also has several pieces of equipment designed around the method whereas Callanetics is strictly a mat and standing routine. My opinion is that Callanetics, like any form of exercise that focuses on good alignment, is a great form of exercise for any fitness level, and focusing on posture is always the best way to exercise properly.

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