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Can you please provide some information on Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis?


Gyrontonic is an exercise method that utilizes a specially built machine that allows a user to move the body in a circular or linear movement. The Gyrotonic equipment consists of a narrow stationary mat surface with pulleys that can be attached to the hands or feet in a similar fashion to working on a Pilates reformer. There are also two pads in the front of the machine that can be rotated completely around with the hands while seated on the mat enabling the user to rotate, flex and arch their spine in one fluid movement.

This exercise method is similar to Pilates exercise in that it can be performed on the equipment or on a mat. The mat form of this exercise is termed Gyrokinesis. Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis exercises improve core stability, increase flexibility and strengthen the connective tissues of the joints while coordinating movement with breath. When performing the Gyrotonic exercises on the equipment, the user can move freely around the machine in all planes of movement. The best description of the exercises in the mat form is that they combine yoga, Pilates and dance therapy for a fluid workout. The fluidity of the exercises, whether on the mat or the machine, is what attracts many dancers to this form of exercise for rehabilitation of injuries. Also, Gyrokinesis is gaining much more popularity in recent years in fitness and wellness centers due to the general public looking for mindful forms of exercise that improve spinal health.