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Cross Promotions

Small businesses (a.k.a. Fitness Professionals) don’t have the advertising and marketing budget of a corporate giant, and yet they still have to get the message out to the community about who they are and what they do, and they have to encourage people to come and check them out. Cross promotions are goldmine marketing initiatives for fitness professionals and yet so few take advantage of this option.

By developing relationships with local businesses, you will reach a much larger market and gain greater exposure for your services in a cost effective manner. Plus, it’s a wonderful way for small businesses within a small area to get to know each other and work together to promote each other’s businesses and enhance success for both parties.

For example, we regularly work with sporting goods stores and footwear retailers, massage therapists, scuba diving companies, spas and other local companies. It doesn’t cost either of us anything besides our time, and we’re marketing our business to a very specific, target market.

Here's a look at a few of the cross promotions we’ve done in the last few months:

Our clients regularly enjoy small gifts and discounts at local businesses. It sure is nice to demonstrate our appreciation for our clients and offer them something more than what they’re paying for. Can you imagine any business not wanting to offer an added-value service to their loyal customers? They have nothing to lose. And instantly, you have an entire business promoting your services and helping you develop your client base.

Ask yourself the following questions when determining which businesses to align with:

For example, it makes sense for us, as a personal training studio, to align with a spa, a massage therapist, a sporting goods retailer or a healthy restaurant. It would not make sense for us to align with a fast food restaurant, unless of course the adverting materials said something like, “Don’t worry. Go ahead, and eat the Big Mac Combo Meal. We’ve arranged for a personal training session to help you burn the 2,000 calories you just consumed!"

Here are guidelines to help you initiate this type of cross promotion. Also, I've included a sample letter we use that will get you started on your path to strategic partnering.

Potential Strategic Partners

Sporting Goods Stores


Flower Shops

Gardening Shops

Golf Centers

Adventure Travel Agencies

Sample Letter


Mr. or Miss Jones
XYZ Restaurant
123 Columbia River Drive
Vancouver, WA 98661

Dear Matthew:

We have enjoyed the relationship we’ve had with you and your restaurant, both from a personal and professional standpoint, for a few years now. It is the place to be and the place we take our clients, friends and family members. We commend you on your customer service, wonderful atmosphere and, of course, the great food!

We would like to propose a fun promotion between our company and yours. It’s just the kind of promotion that would go over perfectly in your fun environment. We have attached a sample postcard that explains the promotion. Keep in mind, we are open to any type of design suggestions you and your staff may have.

Here’s how the promotion may work:

What we would need from you:

In order to promote your restaurant with our clients, we will post your menus throughout our facility and promote the healthy choices you offer. We would also love to assist in helping to provide calorie, protein, carb and fat content in your healthy choice meals.

We believe this will be a fun promotion – perfect for your restaurant. It’s a way you can give something extra to your customers and a way for both of us to highlight our businesses. And we promise to take very good care of your customers!

We will call you in a few days to discuss this idea with you.

Yours in health and fitness,

Your Name

Initiating strong relationships within your community can only benefit your business. Start with one cross promotion, measure the success and then continue with other promotions. Working together builds a strong business community at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Plus, you just might make some really great friends in the process!