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Strength Training for Wrists/Forearms


I am currently training several members of a local hockey team and am looking for some exercises for the wrists and forearms that will improve strength and speed for stick handling. Any help would be great!


There are a number of wrist and forearm exercises that can be performed for strengthening. The most beneficial one I have found is also one of the simplest. Squeezing a racquetball or tennis ball in your hands is an easy way to increase strength. Have your team members do this 100 times per day while they are watching TV at home.

Of course, weight training exercises are also necessary to build great wrist and forearm strength. Just by gripping dumbbells during normal weight exercises such as bicep curls will help add strength to the forearms and wrists. To isolate these muscles, try the following three exercises.

  1. The first one is wrist curls with a supinated grip. Use light dumbbells to start with, usually five to 10 pounds. Sit on the end of a bench with the weights in each hand. With the wrists positioned on the knees, curl the weights up as high as possible and slowly lower them back down.
  2. Next, do the same exercise with a pronated grip. Do two to three sets of 10 to 15 reps with each exercise and increase the weights if needed. Note that less weight can be done usually during the pronated curls.
  3. The third exercise involves using a wooden dowel, rope and a weight. A hole is drilled in the center of the dowel for the rope to go through. A weight, usually 25 pounds to start, is then attached to the other end of the rope. The person performing the exercise brings the weight up by holding each end of the stick and wrapping the rope around the stick. Then, unwrap the rope to bring the weight back down. This can be done consecutively for a minute and provides a great burn for the forearms.