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Pilates Reformer and Strength Training


Can the Pilates reformer replace strength training?


On a Pilates reformer, you are working with resistance, and your own body weight acts as resistance as well. Some of the benefits of working on the reformer include:

Pilates reformers are great for building longer leaner muscles without bulking up. You can get a total body workout on the reformer and perform rehabilitative exercises. A Pilates reformer is also great for athletes and, depending on the accessories of the reformer, it is also great for a cardiovascular workout with the jumpboard.

Whether the Pilates reformer will replace strength training or not depends on your fitness goals. I don’t think one will replace the other as they both have great benefits and can be done together. You can get a lot of variety of movement from both strength training and the reformer, and you can also be muscle specific with both. If you wanted to bulk up for a competition or something like that, then I would add in strength training with free weights or machines on top of a Pilates workout. If you are looking to simply tone up without bulk, or if you are working on injury recovery and improving posture while gaining a greater sense of core strength, a Pilates reformer workout a few times a week is perfect.