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Feedback from Ex Clients


I have two clients who recently had to stop working with me as they are moving out of town. I would like to compose a type of survey to gather information from them as to the effectiveness of my work and other things like professionalism, etiquette, etc. and to get some helpful suggestions and some constructive criticism. Would you please help me to identify some key questions I should be asking and perhaps how to assess the resulting information?


My advice is to ask your ex-clients for help improving your business. Phrasing the question in this way should help remove any personal feelings and allow for a more honest response. It is important to understand exactly what they liked and exactly what they did not like. A great question could be, “What would you add to the session to make it perfect?” Other good questions to ask would be:

  1. Can you think of three aspects of my service you really enjoyed and explain why they were so effective/enjoyable?
  2. Can you think of three aspects of my service you did not like and explain why and/or how they could be improved?
  3. If you were my employer, what suggestions would you have to take my service to the next level? Is there anything specific you would add to my sessions?

Using ex-clients is an excellent way of gaining valuable feedback, but it is important that you focus on current clients as well. You could invite them to help define your service. By including clients in your marketing in this way, you pass over ownership of the training experience to them. This can create a sense of loyalty, and if you are struggling, clients might feel responsible in some way. In turn, they may help you sell by referring clients. In addition, if they do leave you know it will be for a genuine reason.

It is also helpful to get some feedback from your peers and/or other members if you are based in a health club. Peers are a great source of information because they can provide feedback to you on a technical level. Club members will provide information on your image throughout the club and how your sessions look from the outside. This can highlight necessary changes in smaller details that you may miss such as your body posture. You may also be made aware of any habits that potentially cost you sales. Any other opinions from peers or members will be valid and possibly highlight areas you have not considered.

Good luck!