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Chin Tuck


I'm struggling to find two exercises mentioned in the article Pregnancy Trimesters and Exercise. Could someone explain these to me: chin tuck stretch and chin tuck strength endurance?


To perform a chin tuck, simply lie on the floor (supine) and slowly draw your chin bone inward to create slight cervical flexion. This contraction must be slight to test the ability of the cervical spine to flex. Over the years, I have found it is much better (and more functional) to drive the cervical spine motion (in this case flexion) from the bottom up. To execute from standing, simply “drive” both hands straight above while fixing the eyes straight ahead. By driving both hands upwards (bilateral shoulder flexion), the scapula on the thorax will create a reaction of cervical spinal flexion – the key word here being REACTION as opposed to cognitive contraction, which tends to create too much tension throughout the cervical spine.

Chin tuck strength endurance is to simply repeat the cervical exercise above and add more volume repetitions and/or reps without rest.