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Marijuana as Medicine?


I was trying to find information about marijuana for a client who swears by it. Can you please tell me what is the latest on the subject, and what approach should I take in regards to my client and his health? I do believe there is no good use for such a habit, even if it is been used for a "medical" purposes, which is not the case here.


We have what is called the Cycle of Creation and the Cycle of Degeneration. From the time you were an embryo in your mother’s womb, you have begun the Cycle of Creation. In life, our goal is to always prosper and move forward in anything and everything we do. When it comes down to it though, there are many things that can get in the way and put us on the Cycle of Degeneration.

The Chinese use the Cycle of Creation, and it can be considered as what Paul Chek calls the Wheel of Life. Almost everything you put into your body comes from Mother Nature, the earth. This Wheel of Life depends on soil that is well hydrated, nourished, fed (pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free) and taken care of so the soul that it creates can perpetuate this Wheel of Life. The creation from this point is a vegetable, fruit, grass or plant of some kind. Humans as well as other animals ingest these created souls from the earth. It doesn’t always work as simple as this. We rarely ever get our food straight from the ground as farmers did years ago. Somewhere in between, there is a middle man and a middle man for that middle man. What I am saying is foods are becoming more and more denatured and altered, which affects the genetic make up of what they really are and what they are supposed to provide us with. If the soil is denatured and not taken care of, whatever it produces will be denatured as well. This begins the Cycle of Degeneration or as what Paul Chek calls the Wheel of Death.

The Wheel of Death is simple, and this is where marijuana will come into play. So my question to you is:

  1. Where did the marijuana come from? Were there chemicals used to aid in the growth (99 percent of the time they use Miracle Grow)?
  2. Which would marijuana fit into: The Wheel of Life or Death?
  3. What goal does smoking a drug move you toward?
  4. What does this drug provide you with physiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? I am sure you could find other holistic ways to tap into the above without using drug (i.e., try Qi Gong, Meditation, Tai Chi, sex, etc.)?
  5. Even though it comes from the earth (but most of the time it's grown in someone’s basement), it is a stress to the body. Inhaling the smoke is harmful and degenerative to the lungs. This causes many viscero-motor and sensory reflex inhibitions to other muscles and organs. These inhibitions can manifest themselves in joint pain, back pain, neck pain and so forth. Is your goal pain or vitality?
  6. Stress is catabolic and causes tissue breakdown. The only thing this drug does to the system is makes it work harder to produce internal energy. When the body works harder than it has to, heat is created, inflammation occurs and all hell breaks loose within the musculoskeletal and physiological systems within the body. Are you interested in being catabolic and broken down all the time?
  7. Yes, it can be used for medical purposes, but in my opinion, so can eating organic foods, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, meditating, working on your mental and emotional blocks and getting back to some simple basics. There are so many nutritional and lifestyle factors that people do not apply and are so quick to take that leap for the medical industry. Whether it is pot or an Rx medication, most people just need to assess and readdress their lifestyles, and things would work themselves out. Is your client interested in inhibiting the symptoms or getting to the root of the problem?
  8. Most people overeat, do a drug or are self destruction when they have mental or emotional blocks and dysfunctions from the past or present. The drug helps to take you away from reality for a short time so you forget, but the issue has never gone away. You have just smoke screened it, and when the smoke clears, the issue is still there.

In summary, your client might swear by this drug, but I believe if he stopped and reassessed some of the other factors in his life, he would begin to remember what life is all about.