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Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura


I have a new client with Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. As a result, she is likely to have her spleen removed soon. At present, she is on steroids and is fighting a loosing battle controlling her weight. Could you please advise me of any considerations in constructing a program to allow her to reach her goal, which is reducing and controlling her weight?


Because I have not personally worked with a case of Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, I contacted my associate and co-founder of the C.H.E.K Institute Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach (NLC) program, Dr. Cliff Oliver, for his opinion. Dr. Oliver informed me that he has treated several cases. He stated that if these people follow the principles we teach in the NLC program, only one in four will end up needing their spleen removed. Let me share the approach I would take if this were my patient:

  1. We don't treat the disease that afflicts the patient, we only coach the patient that has the disease.
  2. Careful control of circadian rhythms must be implemented to assure optimal recovery and function of the immune system. This is an autoimmune disease, and while this is generally seen as a hyperactive immune system, it may also be seen as an immune system out of control or in confusion. How well do you make decisions when sleep deprived? This means that the patient must be in bed by 10:00pm and preferably asleep by 10:30pm.
  3. The patient must drink half her body weight in ounces of water per day (for liters, multiply body weight in kg's by .033). Please follow the water quality guidelines in my book, "How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!"
  4. The patient should always eat right for their metabolic type. I would suggest you seek the services of someone trained in advanced metabolic typing for this type of patient. (See for more information).
  5. Eat ONLY organic foods, preferably certified organic.
  6. Eliminate all pasteurized juices and dairy products, replacing them with fresh raw products. If this is not possible, I recommend not consuming either! Pasteurized anything is dead, and when you eat dead food, you must enliven it. Not only does this take a tremendous amount of energy, my experience with pasteurized dairy in particular is that most of my patients have food intolerance or allergic reactions to it, further stressing the immune system. Since pasteurization kills ALL enzymes, pasteurized juices are not really juices anymore; they are just liquid sugar in concentrate.
  7. Remove all gluten containing grains. There is now plenty of clinical and scientific evidence that gluten hypersensitizes the immune system and causes autoimmune problems in many people. For example, if you look into the research on gluten intolerance and rheumatoid arthritis, you will find that a significant percentage of people have reduction or elimination of symptoms when gluten is removed from their diet. Dr. Loren Cordain of Colorado State University beautifully describes how the gene code of gluten containing grains is very similar to human synovial tissue in his article, "Cereal Grains, Humanity's Double Edged Sword".
  8. You will probably find your client's tissues to appear swollen or puffy. This is a typical reaction when the immune system is hyperactive. I see it often in those eating foods for which they have an intolerance. The immune antibodies attack undigested food particles in the capillary beds, producing inflammation. This causes the capillary beds to leak and fluid diffuses into the interstitial spaces, giving people a swollen, puffy appearance. As soon as you apply the suggestions above, and apply the four-day rotation diet plan in my book, you will notice RAPID improvement of her body shape. Usually within 10 days, people begin to better regulate their immune systems, water flow and lose weight very quickly. And this is all 100% natural!
  9. Programming modifications: If you look in my book, you will see questionnaires  for your client to fill out. Once scored, you will be directed to sample exercise programs that are of the right intensity and duration for a client under that amount of stress. You can use these programs as a model to develop your own. The book also has a library of exercises that will help your client.
  10. Perform the zone exercises that are suggested for each column your client scores high on. These exercises are designed to cultivate Chi, which will improve her ability to heal. You don't have to worry about cultivating too much Chi or anything related to Chi cultivation because Chi is all knowing. Chi always heals and never hinders. Chi is the energy and wisdom of the Universe.

My only other recommendations are to realize that when someone is unhealthy on the inside, it is dangerous to divert any more energy than necessary to the periphery of the body. You can live without an arm or a leg, but when you start cutting out organs, you are really making mistakes! None of them are "remnants," as the medical community often would have you believe. Focus on health and healing, and the outside will soon change to match the inside, just as it is right now! This is not an outside-in job. It is an inside-out job, as is the case with any diseased client! In addition, I would warn her and communicate to her doctor (or have her do it) once you start her off eating, drinking water and sleeping according the my suggestions here. Often, in cases like this, the immune system will begin cleaning up food antigens trapped in the kidneys once the body starts resting and getting health. I've seen patients end up in the emergency room thinking they were suffering from an acute kidney dysfunction, yet it is only the immune system cleaning house; the kidneys filter food antigens from the blood so they are often trapped there and the immune antibodies are not too friendly once they get a little rest and see that the person is willing to help out. This is a natural healing process and may or may not occur. It's just much better to warn a patient that it could so they understand what is going on and don't think they are about to have a kidney failure or some other dramatic experience.

Eat Well, Move Well, Be Healthy!