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High School Steroid Pressure


I am a high school lacrosse coach. One of my players approached me the other day to tell me he was planning on doing a cycle of steroids. He said his football coach told the players "there are a lot of things out there that will make you a better athlete." He took that to mean steroids. There is a sophomore competing for my player's position on the football team who has reportedly done more than a few cycles. My player feels the sophomore has beat him due to the steroids, and he wants to do them to keep up. I told him how bad they are, and I gave him tons of articles on the adverse effects of using steroids. He is unaffected by all of that information, and I believe he still has the desire to juice. I have spoken to him about the issue and really listened to what he was saying. I know he knows where to get them. Do you have any advice for me? I am very thankful that this young man trusted me enough to talk to me about this issue, and I really want to enable him to do the right thing.


Dear Coach, please print off the pictures in this article and show them to your athlete with this letter.

Today, the world is full of "apparent short cuts:" stealing is easier than working and cheating on tests is apparently less work than studying (30% of high school students were found to cheat on a recent survey!). Taking steroids will get faster results in the area of workout recovery and can give you about a 5% increase in strength, but they will also give you:

Do you need steroids to be a starter in high school football? No. Do you need steroids to be strong and fast? No. I know of no lions, tigers or alligators on steroids. Have you ever seen a little badger fight? Awesome, and with no roids! After all, do you actually think the Roman gladiators fighting tigers, lions and multiple men to the death used steroids? No. Herbs only.

Eugene Sandow, 1889 Eugene Sandow, 1897 Arthur Saxon, 1879 John Grimek, 1941

Please look at the pictures of Eugene Sandow (above). He was for many years the strongest man in the world during the late 1800s and early 1900s. This guy could put 301 pounds over his head with one arm...  and no steroids. They didn't have any! Not even whey protein or any of the so-called performance stuff used today. Just sound training and a will of steel - the will of a badger! Check out Sandow's body. If you train right, rest right and think right, these are the types of healthy results you can expect. Check out Arthur Saxon, also the strongest man in the world at one time. No steroids, yet you'd be very unlikely to find any man alive today, regardless of the drugs they take, that could match the performance of Sandow or Saxon. Check out John Grimek as he military presses just under 300 pounds from a stand still. Grimek was a champion Olympic lifter and body builder, before steroids were around!

At 43, training with free weights and eating an all organic diet, I can still run the 40 in 4.5 seconds, can pull 500 in the deadlift for a triple, lunge 315 for two x 3 sets and can put a 160 pound dumbbell over my head with my left arm and right arm individually... no steroids needed! In his book, Life Is Movement (1919), Eugene Sandow stated at least six times, "no man can achieve maximum strength until all his internal organs are healthy." Taking steroids will give you short-term gains and long-term losses. I've seen it over and over in my business as a consultant to professional athletes and teams around the world. It is ever so sweet to eat right, sleep right, train right and think right so that you can give your opponents maximum opportunity to lose. In this case, it is more important than ever that you show your team and every opposing team player to stand across from you that REAL MEN DON'T COME IN A BOTTLE!

The choices we make say everything about who we are!