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Post C-section and Exercise


Do you have any suggestions for training and exercise post caesarean section operation?


Thanks for your question! This question is close to me as my wife went through two C-sections. From this experience and great results (surprising to the doctors), we generated an entire clientele utilizing a NON-traditional approach. I studied Gary Gray’s work specifically looking at the adductor complex as well as the pelvic floor. As he states, “The pelvic floor doesn’t turn off on its own – something turns it off.” My recommendation is to study physical facts, and most importantly, apply them to your exercise selection. Facts include (but are not limited to):

Now, you may be asking “How do I apply this information?” Simple. Be sure your exercise selection matches the known facts listed above while fitting into your client goals, needs, wants and current ability level. For example, lunging with a two arm reach utilizes gravity, ground reaction forces eccentrically before concentric. By driving the arms in one plane and the legs in another, you can create subconscious abdominal reactions that help to “turn on” the abdominal wall-pelvic floor. By changing planes of motion, you improve motor vocabulary necessary for life (three dimensional) while teaching how to enhance tasks of everyday living (a mom must lunge to pick up objects including car seats, bottles or objects that fall). Traditionally, moms are taught to “squeeze” their pelvic floor muscles (Kegels) or to perform abdominal exercises that start concentrically first as opposed to eccentrically; in function, this makes little sense seeing as muscles are designed to FIRST control motion not produce it. The production of force is a reaction! This reaction is stimulated by the natural environment. 

To learn more about this, please review Gary Gray’s information on adductors and the pelvic floor. Your training and results will change forever!