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Large Legged Female Athletes


Some of my female clients that are interested in weight (fat) loss have thick, muscular legs, and some of them have large buttocks as well. Some of them attribute it to playing sports in school, and some attribute it to heredity. A couple of them have extremely muscular calves that seem out of proportion to the rest of their bodies. I'm afraid that my usual methods of aggressive strength training to stimulate the big muscle groups would make these muscles even bigger! If the client's goal is to lose inches and trim down, should my approach be different for these clients?


Yes, or you’re in trouble. First, I would suggest selecting movements that challenge the entire body. These movements include the following:

The above are movements that can be combined with various planes, upper body movements, lower body positions and tools (balance boards, foam roll, balls, DBs, Medicine Balls, etc). 

Second, be sure you’re using acute variables that stimulate what they want (lose inches without gaining too much muscle). I would suggest: 

By sticking to the aforementioned variables and advising your client to sit with someone who understands individualized nutrition, you will on the right path to assisting them to their goals.