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Auto Racing Conditioning


I recently started training a young athlete who is pursuing a career in auto racing. We have worked on his overall strength as well as agility and hand eye coordination. I have also worked hard at core conditioning and strengthening his posterior shoulder girdle. Can you offer any help on this subject?


Any properly designed exercise program must begin with a thorough assessment including:

When completing your assessment, it would be wise to follow a FLEXIBILITY--->STABILITY--->STRENGTH--->POWER periodization plan. One possible example in regards to the core might be:

This information may seem vague, yet the exact details of the program will ultimately be determined from your client's assessment. The key is to perform the assessments(s), identify where he is "lacking," and fill in the blanks from there. Two other essential PTN series you might find helpful are Scientific Balance Training by Paul Chek as well as Periodization of Strength by Tudor Bompa.