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Running/Walking vs. Cycling, Swimming Comparison


If an individual is walking four miles in an hour, what would be an approximate equivalent distance on a stationary bike?


Thanks for the great question. This is a tricky question which can be quite dependent on a variety of variables (techniques, walking surface, resistance level on bike, etc...), but a formula we use as a general guide for times/distance is:

So if you run 2.5 km in 10 minutes, you should be able to cycle about 5.6 km in the same time or swim 600m... Again, this is a very general guide and is dependent on techniques, resistance etc., but it provides us with a good reference point.

Now with this in mind, the general run/walk transfer we use is 1.8-2.0/1, so if you walk 1 km in 10 minutes, you should be able to run about 2 km in the same time. Again, this is a very rough guide (the further the comparative distance, the lower the ratio) but a great place to start.

So, if your client can walk 4 miles/hour (6.4km), she should be able to cycle approx 16 miles (26 kms) on an indoor stationary bike. Use this as a starting point and adjust up or down, depending upon the variables involved and your client’s capabilities.