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Exercise Hypertension


Do you have any information on exercise hypertension? I have a client (49 year old female) who exhibits this, and I am not sure how to proceed. We have lowered the resistance and monitor her blood pressure several times during a workout. She is also in contact with her doctor. Any ideas?


First and foremost, you must get clearance from the physician to exercise. Once this is achieved, please follow these guidelines (NOTE: As with all guidelines, please tailor to fit the individuality of the client).

+30-20 1-3 4-2-2 0-30sec.


By following the physician's guidelines and performing a physical assessment on what movements your client needs, you will be on your way to improving your client's health. Please recommend your client see a qualified nutritionist and re-assess her abilities at least every four weeks to ensure optimal adaptations are taking place. If you need ideas on total body exercises, see the PTN Exercise Library.

Thanks for asking a great question. Good luck.