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A friend of mine and I were having a discussion on whether there is ever a situation that would warrant someone having a tummy tuck or stomach stapling or anything of that nature to lose fat/weight. I said no because I felt like if you've tried an exercise program for a year or less and got frustrated and quit, that is no reason to do something so drastic. However, I do understand there is a small percentage of our society that has had a really tough time with weight loss and have been at it for years and still struggle. Could you provide some insight on this subject to help me see it from a different perspective?


Awesome question, one with roots perhaps deeper in psychology/spirituality than the health/exercise sciences, though they are certainly all linked! I'll likely not give you a new perspective; however, perhaps I'll simply strengthen yours! I have so much to say about this topic that I really have to focus my thoughts! Rarely in my professional life (and personal life for that matter) have I used blanket statement words such as never, worst, best, only, etc. Just when you think something is "just so," another professional/individual will come along and show you a very valid and very different application and/or point of view. However, this topic, in my opinion, may be a rare exception. I believe the best option is NEVER to willingly and unnecessarily cut open an individual (with the exception of traumas, car accidents, etc. - we obviously need ERs). This is especially true with the issue of weight normalization! If someone you love or a client is considering this procedure, they should be aware of the following statistics as reported by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which is generally considered to be a leading medical journal:

As of 1995, medical doctors are officially the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

Obesity is so COMPLETELY misunderstood, because the fundamental concept of "BIO-CHEMICAL INDIVIDUALITY" has been swept under the rug by the conventional medical industry. Why? Because if we all universally understood that we all require different types/ratios of specific nutrients as determined by our GENETICS, there would be considerably less disease! Unfortunately, true health and all of the sciences behind it are often as tied up in government bureacracy/scandal/conspiracy as any other issue you can imagine. The government makes money on a sick and fearful public - it's that simple. Obesity and weight loss are "perceived" as a mystery to the public, but the fact of the matter is that there are well-know causes for it, and hence, very logical solutions and, dare I say, cures. You are TRULY what you eat. Hence weight normalization must begin with nutrition and lifestyle factors (i.e., metabolic typing, organic unprocessed whole foods, pure water cosumption, sleep, stress reduction, etc.) followed in time with the appropriate type of exercise.

From a basic physiological standpoint, as far as cosmetic/gastric bypass surgeries go, any time one is cut open, it causes an unbelievable amount of stress to the body. When one is cut such as in surgery, the scars are very deep and rigid. If abdominal muscles are cut and scarred, this leaves them neurologically inhibited = WEAK. With weakened/shut down abdominal/core muscles, the body is very likely to become injured in the future because the core muscles serve as very important static and dynamic stabilizers for the body, providing a strong platform of spinal/pelvic stability for the upper and lower limbs to perform their tasks. The core muscles also serve as your body's pumping system, aiding in circulation, respiration, digestion, detoxification and elimination! If these pumps don't work correctly because they've been inhibited by some needless surgery, than the effect is similar to a pond with no moving water coming in or out of it. It gets scummy and covered in algae!

There is also a big concern here with the removal of any internal organ structure(s). The stomach is not simply a lifeless sack that holds food! It has three distinct functional parts: the Orad, Body and Caudad. The lining of these parts is divided into the Oxyntic gland mucosa area and the Pyloric gland area, both of which release vital gastric juices that are essential to proper and healthy digestion. Personally, I want all of those parts in tact! Health and vitality depend on it. The stomach also goes through vital Caudal contractions as well as what is called "retropropulsion" (which is the reverse flow of chime/food back into the stomach from the duodenum of the small intestine in order to ensure proper mixture, chemical composition and food particle size). Removal of the majority of the stomach will certainly interfere with these vital functions!

Long story short, no. I do not believe in any situation is cosmetic/gastric bypass surgery ever warranted. It's the "easy" way out. And by "easy," I do not mean "without any conflict." I simply mean that whoever has recommended the procedure simply does not have and/or does not care to have the proper education on the natural corrective methodology. Obesity is simply a symptom that the body is out of balance metabolically. One need to get help from professionals who are trained to uncover the root cause(s) of the problem and not simply mask the problem by inhibiting the symptoms (i.e., surgeries, pills, etc.). That's really all that's being accomplished with surgery - a masking of the real problem and inhibition of the vital symptoms that are present to warn the individual of something that has gone terribly wrong. "Taking medications merely shuts off the broken pathway, allowing you to continue ignoring the cause. Meanwhile, the disease-causing deficiencies and toxicities remain undiscovered and uncorrected, eventually triggering new and seemingly unrelated symptoms." 

I hope I've answered your question.

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