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Food Combining Strategies


My question is in regards to food combining diets and their effectiveness. I have read books stating that proteins and fats should only be eaten together, and carbs should be eaten separately because of the different digestive processes that occur. Also I've heard proteins should be eaten pre workout and carbs post workout. Is this really the best way to eat for weight loss and decreased body fat?


Read 20 books on any diet related topic, and you will be likely to end up with two things:

  1. 20 differing opinions
  2. A high level of confusion

Based on my clinical experience and having worked with hundreds of patients with digestive disorders and athletes at the elite level, I summarize this way:

As for your question regarding what to eat after training:

In my opinion, the whole concept of athletes needing to eat a bunch of carbohydrates is the product of commercial marketing and manufacturing. One need only study nature and the history of man to see the obvious truth here: Do you think Eskimos drank Gatoraid before paddling a kayak for hours or trekking cross country? Do you think Native North American Indians prepared for long hunting trips or battle with white men by eating handfuls of blueberries? If I trained and fed athletes the way much of modern sports nutrition theory suggests, I believe I would have gone out of business long ago.

Observe, read, think and be successful!