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Core Muscle Response to Food Allergies


What muscle would be affected underneath the stomach by cutting dairy and gluten products out of your diet for two weeks?


Both of these may be considered food sensitivities. Food sensitivities serious enough to be classified as food allergies involve reactions to food in which the immune system is involved. The problem here is that food sensitivities and food allergies can cause serious digestive problems in the gastrointestinal system. Thus, via what is known as a "visceral-somatic reflex," the entire abdominal wall can be inhibited, weakened and can shut down. This is because the visceral system and the musculoskeletal system share the same neural pathways, and if a dysfunction develops and/or exists in one, it will "reflexively" inhibit the other. Simply stated, ignoring a food allergy can weaken your abs. Food allergy tests may be a wise idea, especially for those with seemingly no explanation for mysterious chronic pains and ailments. 


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