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How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!: Chapter 1

NOTE: The following is the first chapter from Paul Chek’s book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!


As you patiently sit in the lobby your gaze drifts to the mirror on the wall adjacent to the magazine rack. You see a vague resemblance of a youthful you and wonder if anyone would recognize you at a high school reunion. Your doctor is always in a hurry, so you mentally cover what you want to tell him before he gives you another drug that has side effects that make you feel as bad as what you’ve come to see him for. At this point in your life, you realize that your sex drive is hitting a low point, and after following your doctor’s dietary advice you crave more sugar—are gaining weight—and suspect you’re the victim of the environmental toxicity that the evening news reported.

Finally, the nurse escorts you into the examining room. She says you’ll be seeing an associate of your regular doctor, Dr. Einstein. Couldn’t be...

But since he’s new, maybe you’ll have time to explain how lethargic you feel. Maybe he’ll have a better explanation for your inability to control your weight and recommend a diet that really works.

The door opens and you’re looking at a small man with an electric hairdo, a rather large nose and a gray mustache.

Cheerfully, he says, “How can I help you today?” The man’s eyes have depth and clarity, and you’re immediately struck with a sense of wonderment. Could this be the real Albert Einstein, the father of modern science?

“But you look exactly like—”

“That’s because I am Albert Einstein. And you are about to see how well the principles of quantum physics and the theory of general relativity can be applied to medicine.”

You quickly cover your reasons for coming to your doctor while Einstein flips through your chart. After a long silence, he lifts a bushy brow. “I see here that all your lab tests look good.”

“Yes, Dr. Einstein, but I just don’t feel well. How is it that I feel so lousy, yet my lab tests don’t reveal anything wrong with me?”

“Well,” Einstein replies, “lab tests are much like mathematics. As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. Lab tests are often just a very small piece of a bigger reality. Let’s start with a look at your home life, relationships and work environment.”

“What does that have to do with not feeling well?”

“A human being is a part of a whole, what we call the Universe, apart and limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as a part, living in a sort of delusional state. This delusion can be a prison, restricting us to our personal desires, forcing us to show affection for only the few people nearest to us. Our task is to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion, to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. How much time do you commit to yourself each day? Do you have a hobby, take time to exercise, read and do things that you enjoy?”

“I don’t have time for all that. I have bills to pay, a mortgage, car payments and a family to raise. Sure, I enjoy relaxing with a few drinks while watching a late show, but that’s about it. My family and friends depend on me. They’re the ones who really count.”

Dr. Einstein sighs. “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. You’ve lost sight of the essence of what creates life, what gives you the vitality and well-being to really live. It’s only when you are alive, fully present, self-fulfilled and happy that you are truly doing what counts. What good are you to your family if you burn-out? Think of yourself as the sun in the sky, and your family and friends as being dependent upon your light. As the sun, it is your duty to care for yourself so that you never burn out. Like the sun, you can only share the energy that you have. Unfortunately, it has become common for people to burnout while trying to be everywhere and do everything.”

Einstein places his hands in the pockets of his lab coat. “If you’re not taking care of yourself, your life is out of balance. Subsequently, your family’s life is out of balance. And that affects your children in ways that may not be obvious to you. Did you know that nearly 50% of American children are overweight, and the number of Caucasian children who are overweight doubled between 1986 and 1998, with the number of African-American and Hispanic children that have become overweight increasing 120% in the same 12-year period?1 In addition to the problem of childhood obesity, Type II diabetes among children has increased 10-fold in the past five years. Type II diabetes, rare among children not long ago, presently accounts for 40 - 50% of all cases reported.”

“But don’t kids get plenty of exercise?”

“Sadly, not always. California law requires school children to take an annual fitness test. Recently, only 23% of students passed what is a reduced version of the test most adults would have taken as a child. In fact, in one Los Angeles school, only 1% passed the test.”2

Einstein shakes his head. “Adults haven’t fared better. The number of obese adults has doubled since 1960, 63% of males and 55% of females now overweight or obese. An interesting statistic, considering the percentage of energy in the diet from fat has decreased during the past 20 years, yet the number of overweight and obese people has skyrocketed.”3

“Are you saying that cutting fat intake won’t necessarily prevent you from being fat?”

“Indeed. Let’s take you for example. I see in your chart that your doctor has asked you to reduce red meat, trim the fat off other meats, skin your chicken, and he also suggests you try to eat more good carbohydrates in order to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and body fat percentage. Judging from your weight, reducing your dietary fat is not working for you.”

“To make matters worse, I feel tired and lethargic eating this way. And my cravings are stronger. It seems the only enjoyable thing my doctor allows me to consume is my evening cocktail. If I’m already eating right, do you think it’s the cholesterol-lowering drugs that are causing the problems?”

“Drugs can be a challenge to the system. And indeed, many American doctors rely too heavily upon them. Europeans eat far more fat—particularly the saturated fat the American diet dictocrats keep harping about—and drink just as much wine. Still, fewer drugs are prescribed in Europe and in general there is less disease than in the U.S. In all fairness, American doctors are commonly pressured by patients with a quick fix mentality. And they suffer more than any other population from a “this for that” attitude. Patients should not go to doctors to get a drug to mask their symptoms, they should go to the doctor to find out what is causing their symptoms and learn what they need to change, whether it be diet or lifestyle, to make them feel better.

“Consider that in the year 2002,” Einstein continues, “drug sales worldwide amounted to $430 billion.4

Couple those statistics with the fact that in the year 2000, Americans spent more than $110 billion on fast food.5 And today, Americans drink nearly 600 12-ounce cans of cola per person per year, with a significant number of teenage boys drinking 5 - 6 cans a day. Still, the Coca-Cola® bottling company has the goal of increasing consumption of its products in the U.S. by at least 25% per year.”5

“But I drink diet soda, Dr. Einstein.”

“Then it may interest you to know that research has found drinking any soda, even diet, will increase your chance of becoming obese.6 In light of these figures, it’s easy to see why so many people feel just like you.

“Now, I’m sure your doctor’s dietary recommendations were based on the assumption that, like most people, you won’t consider eating foods you were designed by Mother Nature to eat.”

“Foods designed by Mother Nature?”

"My entire career has been spent trying to determine how God built the Universe, how things work in light of a grand view. While there are many opinions on God and on the Universe, I’ve always considered myself a disciple of philosopher Baruch Spinoza. Spinoza felt that God is Nature and Nature is God, and it is from Nature that we human beings have emerged. The problem is that most patients don’t realize that what we eat today has changed more in the last forty years than in the last 40,000.5 The body can’t change that fast, and this causes problems. We’ve got to get back to Mother Nature’s basic principles, the same principles that keep animals healthy in the wild, and the same principles that got us this far.”

“But we’re a modernized society with all kinds of high-tech medicines.”

“People aren’t machines, and, unfortunately, Western medicine has spent a large amount of its time trying to better Mother Nature’s theorems. They try to break things down into their component parts, looking at disease through the lens of a microscope. Unfortunately, they don’t listen to what matters most—the patient’s explanation of his or her ailment. To show how a machine works, you take it apart. But to see how a living entity functions, it must be seen as an organism in unity with its natural environment.7

“As a doctor, I can wholeheartedly say that education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school, and one thing I know for sure is that we have more disease and mental disorder than ever before. Unfortunately, most doctors and scientists focus on finding a cure for disease by studying the disease instead of the conditions that favor the presence of the disease. For example, when I look at the stars, it’s obvious that there’s no life as we know it in our solar system because the conditions are not favorable there. Now, just as plant and animal life doesn’t exist on Mercury, Saturn or Jupiter because the conditions are not favorable, health and vitality are not going to develop in your body until you make conditions favorable for them there as well.

“Let’s take a brief look at how the approach taken by doctors over the past 4,000 years has changed as they’ve become more and more isolated in their thinking. To treat an ear infection, doctors used these various approaches:

2000 BC: Here, eat this root
1000 AD: That root makes you a heathen.
Here, say this prayer.
1850 AD: Prayers are superstitions.
Here, drink this potion.
1940 AD: That potion is snake oil.
Here, swallow this pill.
1985 AD: That pill is ineffective.
Here, take this antibiotic.
2000 AD: That antibiotic is artificial.
Here, eat this root.
2003 AD: Don’t eat that root. It is very likely toxic.
Here eat this root. It came from an organic farm.

“So you’re saying there’s a movement to eat the foods that better match our biological make up.”

“We have to come back to Nature. Unfortunately, I can’t suggest that you simply cut the junk foods from your diet and expect you to feel better and lose weight. Sadly, we’ve damaged Mother Nature enough that it may take thousands of years to repair Her. This is why we must stick to organic foods and promote organic farming. To be healthy, you’ve got to model your eating, exercise and lifestyle after healthy people. While modern medicine has long overlooked the study of healthy people, pioneering health care and agricultural professionals such as Weston A. Price, Sir Robert McCarrison, G.T. Wrench, Innes Pearse, and farmers Sir Albert Howard and Lady Eve Balfour have clearly demonstrated the benefits of organic foods for human health.”

“I’ve never heard of those people.”

“Their studies of various cultures and the relationship between nutrition and disease brought out three points of significance with regard to healthy groups of people:

“First of all, these communities lived under harsh conditions, at times with limited resources for food, yet they did not suffer from the physical and nervous disorders now so rife among ‘civilized’ communities. Secondly, they represented a wide variety of races and environments. Their diets varied greatly in the amounts of protein and carbohydrates consumed. And finally, they consumed mainly whole foods. Processing was minimal, and all edible portions of a food were consumed as to limit waste.

“Take Lady Eve Balfour, for example. She was a founder member of the British Soil Association, a farmer and lifetime student of nutrition while serving as the director of the longest run experiment comparing conventional and organic farming methods. She is most likely the person responsible for Great Britain’s organic movement. After a survey of Dr. Price’s research on the healthiest people in the world she said, ‘The only discernible common factor, other than good air, seems to be that the diets of all these groups are ‘whole’ diets in the full sense of the word.8

“There is a complete and continuous transference of health from a fertile soil, through plant and/or animal to man, and back to the soil again. The whole carcass, the whole grain, the whole fruit or vegetable—these things fresh from their source, and that source is fertile soil. Herein appears to lie the secret.

“So,” Einstein continues, “I’m going to fine-tune your doctor’s recommendations, provided you’re willing to follow my advice.”

“Of course, Dr. Einstein.”

“I won’t try to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Rather, I will build upon what works, moving toward a greater understanding of the whole. I suggest you buy and eat organic produce and meats whenever possible. Organic foods don’t contain dangerous chemical residues such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Free-range organic meats are raised on high-quality, pesticide-free feed without toxic hormones.”

“Do you think then, Dr. Einstein, that the reason I’ve not lost weight and felt worse on this diet is because I’ve been eating commercially farmed produce, commercially raised meats and processed low fat foods?”

“Judging by the way you feel when eating processed foods, you can see that these foods are truly toxic and potentially damaging to the body and mind. While it is important to wean yourself from processed foods and sodas and to drink plenty of good clean water, you must also identify your Metabolic Type. Each of us has different nutritional needs. To feel your best, you must eat what’s right for you.

“Later, I’ll provide you with a questionnaire that will help me determine your Metabolic Type. You may have been eating the wrong foods and/or in the wrong amounts for your type. Eating wrong for your make-up will shift your body out of a balanced state and can eventually lead to disease.

“Furthermore, by cutting down on the toxins entering your body from poor food and drink choices and by reducing the amount of sugar in your diet, you’ll see a dramatic difference. If you eat organic, free-range meats, you don’t have to worry about cutting the fat away, and you can eat red meats. In no time, you’ll have more energy, your cholesterol levels are likely to normalize, and you’ll be far more interested in getting the exercise you need.

“Just as you need to determine which are the right foods and proportions that are best for you, you must also choose the best type of exercise or movement and in the right amount for you. I can refer you to a C.H.E.K Practitioner who can get you started with the stretching and exercise program that will benefit you the most.”

“To be honest, Dr. Einstein, I’ve never really liked to exercise.”

“Don’t let that stop you. You may be surprised to find that some of the nontraditional approaches to exercise are quite enjoyable.”

“It’s more complicated than I thought. It’s all connected some how; diet, exercise and state of mind.”

“Indeed. Each of the stressors in your body has an accumulative effect. You and your body are a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual component of the Universe. You are very much like a star in a galaxy, comprised of key systems such as the musculoskeletal, visceral (your organs), limbic (emotional) and hormonal, which are linked to each of the more subtle body systems such as the emotional, mental and spiritual.

“I want you to imagine each of these systems as a separate sink, yet each plumbed together. Now, considering that you are constantly overworking and are rife with financial stress, as an example, you can see how that will result in a lot of stress being poured into the physical and limbic (emotional) sinks. To help your body recover both physically and mentally, you must get to sleep earlier in order to provide your body with adequate repair time.”

“The body always wants to find balance and minimize stress on any given body system. As you can see, the natural tendency is for the body to share the stress with the organ systems and hormonal system. This is one reason why so many people go to doctors with seemingly unrelated symptoms, only to be given drugs to treat the symptoms they are asking the doctor to take away. Most drugs, being harmful to the body, put stress on the liver and other organ systems, leading to even more stress to be shared with the rest of the body. Eventually, there’s no single major problem in many cases, just a lot of small problems that can grow into bigger ones if left unattended.”

“This is amazing, Dr. Einstein! For the first time, I’m really beginning to understand my body. I’m also beginning to understand that maybe I need to take a look at my life from a bigger perspective, like you do! I’m going to follow your advice. But, I’d really appreciate it if you could recommend a book that will reinforce what you’ve taught me here today. I want to surprise my doctor when I come in for my next check up.”

“The book I recommend is titled, How to Eat, Move and be Healthy! by Paul Chek, a well known Holistic Health Practitioner.”

“Thank you, Dr. Einstein, My time with you has been very enlightening. How long do you think it will take me to get my body shape and my energy back?”

“If you work at it consistently, you can make an amazing transformation in just three to six months, and in a year, you’ll look and feel at least ten years younger. But remember, you must make all these things a part of your new lifestyle to continue your quest for optimal health.”

Case History

Emma Lane, C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 3, CHEK NLC Level 3, Metabolic Typing Advisor, NMT, a client of Paul Chek

I was a fitness professional, in my 20’s and leading what I thought was a very healthy life. I followed the WHO (World Health Organization) protocols for nutrition, was a vegetarian and exercised regularly. Granted, I was quite busy, as I was running multiple businesses, working with clients and presenting at international fitness conferences, but I didn’t feel like I was over-stressing my body.

I have since become aware that this so-called healthy lifestyle that I was leading was actually doing me more harm than good. It began in 1998, when I found out that I had cancer. I followed the allopathic route—had surgery—and the cancer was cleared. When the cancer came back in 1999, I decided I wanted to try an alternative route, as clearly the traditional medical approach hadn’t worked the first time.

Also in 1999, I was in a serious head-on car collision. The accident left me with numerous injuries: concussion, brain damage, whiplash, very bruised legs and dislocations. Being hyper-mobile, I did not actually break any bones but was completely covered in bruises and was unable to walk for over a week.

I followed a rehabilitation program at the hospital and also worked with a physiotherapist several times a week privately. Eventually I followed my own rehabilitation programs as I felt it would be more effective. After about two and a half months, I was gradually starting to get back to work. I still did not feel well and was on 3-4 strong pain-killers a day, anti-inflammatory drugs and sleeping pills. Even with all of these medications, I was in constant pain.

I consulted with several specialists and was told that, “it would just take time.” At this point, I was becoming frustrated. The pain continued, and I was experiencing memory loss and cognition problems which greatly affected my daily activities. I often didn’t recognize people who I knew quite well and would zone out during conversations.

Just as I was getting back to work and felt like I was making a bit of progress, I was in another car accident—again someone ran into me. This accident left me in traction for two days. The doctors at first thought that I might have broken my back. Fortunately I hadn’t. Physically, this second accident was not as serious as the first, but my body just crashed. I was in pain in every joint, my whole body ached constantly, and I couldn’t make any sense of it because I hadn’t actually sustained any major injuries. I felt in a daze most of the time. I would zone out, often losing hours at a time. I couldn’t maintain information and had difficulty focusing. I got dizzy frequently and experienced pins and needles in my hands and feet, as well as numbness and total loss of sensation.

I was experiencing severe pain in my knees, back and neck, as well as extreme fatigue. This physical fatigue was not due directly to damage from the second car accident, however; it was my body trying to tell me something!

I had over six months off work. When I eventually returned, it was at a very reduced level. I still felt terrible and was relying on medications to get me through the day and to sleep at night. My pain symptoms were still as intense, but on an intermittent level. The pain would be heightened and worse in different joints most days. Some days my knees would hurt more, while other days it would be my back or my neck that felt worse. It all seemed very strange to me.

I consulted many specialists. Because I had not received serious damage from the accident and my pain and symptoms constantly changed from day-to-day, the doctors couldn’t make any sense of my case, since it didn’t fit into their known approach. Therefore, I was told that I needed to see a psychologist because it was, “all in my head!” So far the financial cost for my treatments was in the thousands (sterling), and I had not regained any health or quality of life.

When I finally saw Paul in London, I was desperate for help and information on my condition. I had given up on the medical community because I felt they had given up on me. I had to change the focus of my business hugely in order to keep earning a living. I was extremely unhappy and confused. I couldn’t function and didn’t know why! Paul did!

In the two days I worked with him in London, he did some neuromuscular work on me which gave me immediate relief from the headaches and low back pain. He also educated me on my lifestyle and diet. He made me eat a steak for the first time in 13 years. At the time, looking at the steak made me feel sick, and it took me an hour to eat it, but I did feel substantially better after.

Paul insisted that I needed to go out to the C.H.E.K Institute in California to work with several specialists in the area so that I could start the healing process. I was out in the States within two weeks. After finally being referred to the correct people, I found out what was wrong. Looking back, it is no wonder I felt so bad. Here is a list of things that Paul helped me address:

I was in the States for two months this first visit, working with the right people. I made substantial improvement, thanks to a lot of hard work from everyone involved! It wasn’t a pleasant experience, at times, as my body was weak and very toxic. It took a long time to detox. I was metabolically typed when I initially saw Paul and came out as a protein type—hence the steak in London. However, I have changed metabolic type three times since I was so out of balance. I needed to do the advanced level of the testing. I also needed huge supplemental support to help my systems heal.

I totally changed my lifestyle and eating habits for the better—getting to bed by 10:30, drinking enough good water, taking time out for myself, relaxing and eating organic foods. These are just a few of the changes I was advised to make.

Many of the changes I had to make in my lifestyle and diet were difficult to change and stick to in the beginning. However, you soon realize that when you do slip up, the consequences of your actions on how you feel are not worth the few minutes of pleasure you get from eating a muffin, for example. I follow the 90 /10 rule now. If I really fancy eating something or doing something that I know my body will not like, I only do it occasionally (the 10%). I accept that I will experience consequences and try to minimize them by supporting my body and doing everything that I know will help it to function optimally (the 90%), and this ultimately makes me feel healthy and vital.

I had to go back to the States regularly to work with the specialists (I was unable to find another brain specialist or NUCCA chiropractor (for my neck) at home). It has been a slow process, but it has proven to be very informative and worthwhile. I have learnt so much going through the process of dealing with all the different issues. I am still working on some of the issues, knowing they are going to take time to reach a satisfactory level. However, I am now a fully functioning, happy human being who has been able to learn the techniques and protocols from Paul and the other specialists I have worked with. Although I had to do a lot of work, today I am productive and cancer-free!

I am now able to apply these protocols to other people in pain and have helped many individuals to recover and regain their lives free from pain and symptoms. I would like to thank Paul for giving me my life back as well as for teaching me how to help my clients regain a functional fulfilled life.